A poem for people waiting to have a child

The anxiety increases as days passes by
Days turned to weeks and months to years
Sorrow and bitterness collided within
The heart aches with worry and expectations
The glumness grow more profound each year
Running helter-skelter is the order of the day
Medical attention you seek tirelessly
Islamic medicine is being prescribed
Tried everything all to no avail
Your eyes are tired of weeping
Your tongue never seize to pray to Allah
Your heart keeps the hope alive
You tried to be strong but you’re human
The human in you betray you most times
The fear of the unknown wear you out
Pressure from every angle is tiring
The advisers keep turning up
Some call you to goodness
While others call you to Shirk
A person without a child is like someone
Who lived a worthless life, they’ll tell you
Sometimes you’re tempted to commit shirk
It only takes a heart embellished withTawheed
To wither this storm and to pass this test
The pain is real, the ocean of tears won’t stop
Sleepless nights you have continuously
The nervousness is taking a toll on you
You hear the news of people give birth everyday
You constantly ask Allah the same question
When will you answer my prayers?
When will I become a mother?
When will you wipe this tears off my face?
When will I behold my bundle of joy?
This waiting is depressing, it’s tiring
It’s exhausting, this storm is too huge
Too huge for you to bear, the wave of the storm
Is almost drowning you, you’re loosing it
You’re considering committing shirk
After all it’s only a concoction to eat
And a black soap to bath with
You no longer care about how it comes
All you need is a child,one to call your own
One to eat the food you cook and one to bear
Your name and one to hold and cherish
Dear sister! Dear brother!
Do not lose hope, do not stop praying
Allah sees your troubles, he surely does
His help is very near, nearer to your doorstep
Nearer than you can ever imagine
Give glad tidings to the patient
Your reward is gain
When the gain comes, your pains shall go away
The moment you behold your bundle of joy
All the moments of waiting will hurt no more For your patience has bore a beautiful fruit
Coolness to your eyes and a delight to your soul
My prayer is that Allah uphold you in this
Trying times, may He uphold your heart
So you won’t stray or derail
The end shall justify the means bi ithnillah
Never seize being hopeful
Be cheerful
In anticipation of the plentiful
Which will come in handful
For your Lord is forever faithful
And never deceitful



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