A need for the singles to be prayerful.

A need for mothers to start praying to Allah to grant their children marital bliss not until it’s time for them to wed.

A need for this generation of mums to train their male children to be responsible men, character and financial wise, because marriage they say isn’t a rehabilitation center for badly raised boys.

A need for singles especially sisters to look before they leap, all that glitters aint gold. Allow Allah guide your steps and not self desires.

A need for sister’s to use their brain, a prospective wife batter wouldn’t write it on his forehead, hence a need to be patient and wise. Do not ‘dash’ yourself out to a man. Let him marry you legitimately before he’s entitled to see between your thighs. Don’t go through the process alone, get trustworthy people involved to investigate him (istisharah) and do your istikharah thoroughly before you go ahead to avoid stories that touch.

A need for brothers to fear Allah and the last day, treat your women with kindness and fear of Allah. Her jannah lies at your feet yes! Make it easy for her to attain jannah through you and not push her to jahannam coz if victimisation gets to its peak, even the dumb will voice out.

A need for the match- makers to fear Allah, when match making two people don’t tell only the positive side of a person, disclose his/her deficiency as well, if they’re cool and destined for each other, the marriage will hold, so play your part judiciously so that you won’t be responsible for their marital woes.

You know your brother has moral deficiency yet you hid it from his prospective bride whom you introduced to him, you know your friend has a character problem yet you hid it, you’re an hypocrite and Allah will question you.

May Allah rectify our affairs and uphold our homes.

Marriage is a long journey, to enjoy it, there’s a need for compatibility. May Allah assist our single brothers and sisters and restore peace back to homes going through a disarray.


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