It’s the long third term holiday, the children of the Eko’s are very much around, their mum can’t wait for school to resume, their trouble is becoming unbearable gosh! The teachers are really trying.

This beautiful Saturday morning, mummy is in the kitchen doing the cooking as usual, daddy in the compound wetting the flowers and doing some weeding. The children started their commotion again and Iman hurried out of the kitchen to see to the situation.

“What is it again this early morning? Iman inquired impatiently.

“Mummy Miqdaad is wearing my clothes” complained Mus’ab the younger son.

“He always wear mine too” Miqdaad said defensively.

“Is this why you both have been shouting and disturbing the whole neighborhood? You know what Miqdaad, you can’t wear your younger brother’s clothes! It doesn’t speak well of your as a big brother. Iman said.

“But mummy the other time he wore my own and I complained, you said I should allow him because he’s my younger brother, is what is good for the goose not good for the gander? Miqdaad said challenging his mother’s judgement.

“As a younger brother he can wear your clothes but as the older, you can’t wear his……………….

“You’re a fool” Iman was interrupted by Jamil who obviously had been listening from outside

“Ehn” Iman exclaimed.

“Ehn, you’re a fool I repeat, is this parenting, is this how you interfere between two aggrieved brothers………

“Please don’t insult me in the presence of my children” Iman interrupted.

“You must be stupid! I’m talking you’re talking back at me, you have really grown wings. Is this how you’re raised from your house to always disrespect your husband?”

“Leave my family out of this, I won’t have you insult my parents, what is bad in my judgement, it’s always normal for the younger siblings to wear the older one’s clothes and quite abnormal when it is vice-versa. What is bad in my judgement that you want to bring down the roof.” Iman replied defensively

“Me! Bring down the roof? He said and made an attempt to hit her while the children quickly hold him back

“Daddy pleeeeeeeease!!!!! The children chorused and there was a knock on the door, Miqdaad went to get the door and paternal grandma walked in.

“Oh grandma, it’s good you’re here” Miqdaad said and heaved a sigh of relief.

“What’s happening here? I’ve been hearing noises from outside.” Grandma inquired while Iman greeted politely and went to get her water.

Later, she decided to talk to both of them separately as this is not the first time she would be witnessing hullabaloo in their household. She started first with his Son Jamil.

“Jamil! Jamil!! Baba Miqdaad!!! How many times did I call you” Grandma began

“Three times” He replied still boiling with anger

“I gave birth to you and I know you too well, you’re short tempered and this attitude of yours will do your marriage no good, from what you’ve said now, this woman has no fault, her only fault is that she replied you, she should have just said yes sir and allow you nag till tomorrow.”

“Ehn ehn, you’re taking sides with her abi”

“You better listen to me and leave taking sides alone, I’m a woman and I know a good woman when I see one, Iman is a good woman but it’s you that is pushing her to the wall, she has turned back at you now and your home is no longer peaceful. Remember that before, no matter what you say, she’ll keep quiet but no-one will tolerate it when her parents is been insulted. You have to really change o, you’re full of abusive words, can’t you correct your wife without insulting, if not for my quick intervention you would have beaten her up in front of your children?”

“That has never happened, I have never laid my fingers on her”

“And today if I didn’t come on time you would have done just that. See my Son, you have to learn how to control your anger, anger is a small madness if not controlled will destroy a person. Is it not you that always teach us the sayings of the prophet(s.a.w) one of which says “A powerful person is not someone that can beat and oppress, a powerful person is someone who can control his anger whenever he’s angry” Grandma sermonised.

“Thank you ma’am, I’ll try and be a better person”

“I’m happy to hear that, May Allah assist you” Mama suplicated and went to meet Iman in the kitchen.

” Iman, my dear, may all your patience never go unnoticed by Allah, I’m not pleased with what I saw this morning at all, where did my calm and patient Iman go to, our elders used to say mo’wa fun oniwa Lo’n je ore Jore. You can’t both be hot at the same time, one has to play the fool for your home to be peaceful. He’s my son, I know you’re a good woman to have lasted this much with him, please help me keep enduring him, he’ll change and all your nightmares would be over. Thanks for holding on, may you reap the fruit of your labour” Grandma supplicated and Iman replied Aameen with misty eyes.

Mama had already gone and it’s bedtime, Iman entered the bedroom and tried to pacify the still Angry Jamil.

“Why don’t you follow Maami when she was leaving since she’s the one indulging you”Jamil said with a long face.

“I’m sorry I won’t do that again,please forgive me” She placated.

“Next time you disrespect me the way you did today, you won’t find it funny at all”

“I’m sorry please forgive me” she said while he turned his back on her.

“Jamil! I’m still here o I won’t sleep if you don’t forgive me” She said emotionally with teary eyes and Jamil was touched. He stood up from the bed and planted a wet kiss on her forehead.


Narrated Anas(r.a)
The prophet (s. a. w) said………… Shall I not tell you about your women in paradise? We said yes o messenger of Allah. He said ” The loving and fertile one, if she gets angry or is mistreated or her husband gets angry says, ‘Here is my hand in your hand, I shall not sleep until you’re pleased”.


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