Amirah left the table in anger, while Alhaja Iwalewa called her back. She refused to answer but Alhaja ran to her and held her hands.

“Amirah what is the problem?” Alhaja inquired while holding her hands.

“Please leave me alone.” She shouted as she struggled to release Alhaja’s hold on her.

“I won’t leave you until you tell me what the problem is?” Alhaja insisted but Amirah walked up to Kawthar where she was seated and broke a can of worm.

“Kawthar I never believed you can do this to me, you betrayed me, you are really a traitor, a pretender and a deceit.” Amirah accused while Kawthar was silent but Yasir spoke in defense.

“How did she betray you, please take us out of this misery?” Yasir demanded impatiently

“She knows I like you Yasir and she promised never to contend you with me.” Amirah said but Yasir burst into laughter.

“You are really funny Amirah, I don’t like you neither do I want to marry you so there’s no betrayal here or have I ever confess love to you?” Yasir asked with a serious face now.

“I don’t care whether you like me or not, You can grow to like me if only Kawthar is not in the picture but now she stole you away from me.” Amirah said in tears.

“I am sorry if you feel this way Amirah but even if I don’t marry Kawthar, you wouldn’t have been an alternative please get it and stop this childishness.” Yasir said rather calmly

“Kawthar knows she has wronged me so don’t even try to defend her, let her speak for herself.” Amirah snapped while Tohir who had been silent all the while cut in.

“Amirah try to understand that it takes two to tango, Yasir said he doesn’t want you, he has already chosen who he wanted and I don’t think there should be a problem. It’s not as if Kawthar snatched him from you, both of you never had anything together so I don’t see any betrayal here.” Tohir cuts in and it was Alhaja ‘s turn to speak.

“Amirah my dear! A woman is much more precious than forcing herself on a man that doesn’t want her. There’s a man out there waiting for you and I pray you find him. I pray Allah guide your step to that which will be good for you, my dear fighting over a man who doesn’t want is like fighting a lost battle. You wouldn’t understand now but I am sure you’ll understand later in life. My dear I wish you all the best, may Allah provide a man better than Yasir for you…..” Alhaja tried to say but Amirah interrupted her sharply.

“No, it is Yasir I want. Kawthar should just leave him for me.” Amirah said stubbornly and Tohir exclaimed

“But Yasir doesn’t want you!! Wahala wa laye Amirah yi o [This Amirah is really Problematic] Tohir Excliamed.

“You all should just keep quiet and let Kawthar talk. She wouldn’t be able to say a thing because she knows she’s at fault here, she knows she has betrayed me and she knows she’s a traitor.” Amirah said and Kawthar who had been silent all the while speak out.

“Amirah I didn’t betray you at all. I never promised you anything and God knows I tried my best to make Yasir yours but he doesn’t want you, can’t you just understand and allow peace reign. Why do you like fomenting trouble, Upon all the things you did to stop Yasir and I to be together, destiny prevailed at last and that should have taught you a lesson that if God says yes, no man can say no. Please my dear friend give peace a chance and know that your own man is somewhere waiting for you.” Kawthar said confidently at last.

“You still have the mouth to talk Kawthar, I know a thief will never agree that he’s guilty until he’s caught red handed and doesn’t have an escape route. Kawthar mark today’s date on a calendar, you shall live to regret this, you will never live in peace with each other and………” Amirah rain curses while Iman who had been watching all the while interrupted her with a hot slap which made her staggered backward.

“Iman you slapped me because of Kawthar?”

“And I will do that over and over again you devil incarnate, I think you need Ruqiyah as quickly as possible.” Iman said while both Tohir and Yasir concurred in one voice.

“She really do.” Both of them said shaking their heads while Yasir added. “If I marry a woman like you then I’m done for.” Yasir said and turned to Tohir

“Tohir will you help her ministry?”

“Oh Yasir you don’t like me at all, I wish to live a long life and marrying a woman like this means reduction of life span.” Tohir replied Yasir while their mother cut them short.

“You both should stop it okay! Amirah my dear!…..” Alhaja tried to talk to her but she snapped at her.

“Don’t even call me at all. I know this is a plan by all of you to disgrace me. This family has really failed me. You have shown me that your preference for Kawthar can make you hurt my feelings and be blind to my desires. I don’t know what I am still doing amongst you.” Amirah retorted and walked to her room in anger while Alhaja and Kawthar followed her.

“You people should leave her and allow her go, she would learn her lessons the hard way.” Tohir said

“Mummy won’t let her, even Kawthar will never let go, only Iman is tired of her, you can see she isn’t perturbed.” Yasir said shaking his head.

“As if you know that I am really tired of her, let her leave with all her problems, by the time she realized the outside world is not as friendly she would appreciate all the good gestures she has taken for granted.” Iman said with a light hiss.

Amirah rushed into her room and started packing her things, Alhaja and Kawthar entered and tried to stop her but she wouldn’t listen.

“I can’t allow you go.” Alhaja said trying to snatch her bag.

“Please leave me alone, I don’t want to live here again.”

“Amirah don’t be rude and listen to mummy.” Kawthar advised.

“Shut up and don’t call my name again you betrayal!” She snapped.

“Amirah I won’t allow you leave because you don’t have a place to go and I don’t want you to rot on the street.” Alhaja said again.

“Then you’ll leave me with no choice but to go report at the police station that you abducted me.” Amirah threatened.

“Amirah! How can you even think of doing such a thing to a woman who has been caring for you all these years?”

“You people should just try to stop me and see if I wouldn’t do it.” Amirah threatened again and both Alhaja and Kawthar watched helplessly as she packed her things and made to leave.

“Should I give you some money?” Alhaja offered.

“I don’t need your money.” She snapped and walked out of the room.

“Don’t worry I still have your account no, I’ll be putting money into it then when you’re no longer angry with us, you can come back, my door is always open.” Alhaja said but Amirah did not wait to hear her last statement before exiting the room. She walked into the living room where the trio of Yasir, Tohir and Iman were sitting but they weren’t nice enough to stop her so she left before Alhaja and Kawthar came out of her room.

“Mum she didn’t listen to you?” Tohir asked.

“Hm, she threatened to report me to the police for abduction if I try to stop her.” Alhaja said bitterly.

“What a good riddance to bad rubbish! She would definitely learn her lessons, I just hope it’s never too late by the time she realizes her misdoing.” Tohir said

The breakfast was already cold and none of them could continue eating, Iman and Kawthar cleared the table while Kawthar went to Alhaja’s room to see her afterwards. She met her withdrawn and with her face buried in her palms, she walked up to her and sat beside her on the bed.

“Mummy please don’t get yourself worked up over Amirah’s behavior, I know she’ll be fine wherever she goes. You really tried and God knows you don’t abhor any hatred for her.” Kawthar said.

“My dear, I am not only worried that Amirah left but I am equally worried about the curses she rained on you, how could she be so ruthless, I haven’t seen anyone as desperate as her in my entire life I swear.” Alhaja said worriedly.

“Mummy you worry too much! I don’t deserve her curse and it can’t strike me, my only fear is that the curse will definitely bounce back on her head and that would really spell doom for her.”

“Hmmmm, my chest is lighter now, may Allah protect her wherever she goes and open her chest to righteousness because she can’t continue living a vicious life.”

“Aamin, I hope she changes too. Mum I’ll be leaving tomorrow.” Kawthar announced.

“Why!!!” Alhaja exclaimed

“Mum, I already accepted Yasir’s Proposal so it’s not ideal for me to continue living under the same roof with him.”

“My dear don’t give me that, Yasir’s apartment is different from mine and he doesn’t come here except meal times.” Alhaja disagreed.

“Not withstanding mum, we’ll still have contacts one way or the other, it’s best for me to leave to avoid falling into error. Before I accepted his proposal I could interact with him freely but now I am very shy and feel like melting at his gazes and whenever he talks my heart pounds now so it’s best I leave.”

“Hmm, love is sweet, any way I understand, so my dear, when should we be visiting your parents?”

“When I get home tomorrow I’ll inform my mum and brother so I’ll let you know of their responses.”

“That’s very good of you. I really can’t wait to have you forever.” Alhaja smiled and embraced her tightly.

The following morning when Kawthar was set to leave, Yasir told her he would like to have some words with her before leaving but Kawthar said they would talk on phone.

“Don’t be naughty Kawthar! I won’t eat you.” Yasir said

“It’s not possible for you to eat me.” She replied shyly and obliged him at last. They sat inside Alhaja’s living room and discussed

“Thanks for accepting to marry a man like me, you don’t know how happy your acceptance has made me.”

“I know you’re happy you don’t need to tell me. Please go straight to the point.”

“Okay, when is your NYSC posting?”

“It’s not up to two months again.”

“Alright that means we can get everything done before your posting.” Yasir declared

“No, don’t let us rush things.”

“My dear, there’s no rush here. The more we wait, the more temptations occur, besides after the offer and acceptance the marriage contract shouldn’t be delayed again.” Yasir explained and quickly added a joke. “Or do you want to obtain your Masters degree before considering marriage?”

“If I had wanted to do that I wouldn’t have considered your proposal in the first place.”

“Then let’s make it happen fast.” Yasir urged.

“I’ll inform my family when I get home and communicate you appropriately.”

“Or do I need to come see them again.”

“That will not be necessary at all.”

“Alright I’ll be patient and wait on them . What will you like for your Mahr?”

“I haven’t given it a thought. I’ll think about it.” Kawthar replied.

“Alright let me drop you in Ikorudu, that will afford me the opportunity of seeing my mum- in -law” Yasir offered

“Your mum-in-law?” Kawthar asked surprised

“Yes my mum-in-law in the nearest future. Are you surprised I call her that, How do you want me address her?”

“You just amuse me how you started attaching yourself without being given a wife yet.”

“Kawthar, you like arguing, she is my mum in law and that doesn’t change as long as you agree to be my wife.” Yasir said while Kawthar hummed and Yasir added “So can I drop you?”

“No, I’ll find my way.” Kawthar rejected.

“You still believe I can eat you?”

“Are you a wolf?”

“That’s why I’m wondering! Alright if you don’t want us to be in the car alone, Iman can come with us.” Yasir suggested.

“That’s a better idea.” Kawthar smiled and Yasir smiled back. Yasir went to get his car keys while Kawthar went to fetch Iman and the trio started a journey from Magodo to Ikorodu.


Amirah wandered about till the evening of that day, she had nowhere to go she was just unnecessarily stubborn. She couldn’t return to her aunt because of the bitter experience she had with her. She had only a male sibling but doesn’t know where he lives presently. They both separated when their parents died and her mum younger sister took her in while her elder brother went into the custody of another relative.

Darkness engulfed the whole city now and everywhere was black with only the street lights illumination. Shops were closing up for the day and it was only few vehicles on the road. Amirah had gone to pray Ishai in a mosque and had already intended to sleep there when a young man came and instructed her to leave as he wanted to lock the mosque. He told the man a mosque shouldn’t be locked and the man’s response shocked her.

“We don’t normally lock our mosque before but Nigerian thieves have taught us a lesson, just last month, they carted away with all the ceiling fans in the mosque and the generator used for powering the mosque was also stolen amongst others. If you are a visitor in this town, you can simply lodge into a hotel.” The man suggested, locked the mosque and went away.

Amirah stood still almost crying, she had only a 500 naira note with her, how was she supposed to lodge in a hotel with just 500 naira and she doesn’t even have a penny in her account. Just last week, she spent all the money in her account on new clothes just to entice Yasir. She bit her finger in regret for not accepting Alhaja’s offer to give her some money. She rested her back on the wall of the mosque and thought she would rather die on the street than go back to a family she believed betrayed her.

It was past 10pm now when an idea crossed her mind. She logged on to facebook and clicked on messenger. A particular Tajudeen on Facebook had been disturbing her for a while now, he was her friend on Facebook and he’d been pestering her for a relationship. She turned him down and told him he wasn’t her type even though the guy displayed riches on facebook. He displayed his expensive house and fleet of cars on facebook but Amirah wasn’t impressed, he wanted no one but Yasir. The guy went as far as dolling out some cash which Amirah accepted but wouldn’t accept his heart. The last time they chatted, he gave her his no but Amirah didn’t respond, she doesn’t want him but only his money.

This evening when she found herself in a fix, she quickly checked the no Tajudeen sent to her, copied it and put a call through to him immediately. The latter responded and asked where she was at the moment, she told him where she was and the latter promised to come pick her up. She heaved a sigh of relief and waited patiently for Tajudeen’s arrival. After about an hour of waiting, Tajudeen arrived in an old 504 Peugeot car and spotted Amirah where she was waiting.

“Hop in angel.” He said with a smile while Amirah hesitated for few seconds before entering. She wasn’t expecting him to arrive in such a cheap and old car compared to what he flaunted on facebook. She entered after a while of hesitation and beheld a rough looking guy with a dreadlock hair, his lips were black and his eyes red like a burning fire.

“You’re very beautiful and charming.” Tajudeen said with a smile again while Amirah could only hummed.

Tajudeen tried to chat her up during the journey but it seemed she wasn’t interested. She was really disappointed at what she saw, she expected to see a handsome prince and not some low life scalawag like the one sitting beside her. She wished she could open the door and jump out but she doesn’t want to die as an incoming vehicle might run over her. She folded her arms and thought the house would be better but was disappointed again.

After about an hour of driving, they got to a slum and Tajudeen pulled the car to a stop. Amirah couldn’t believe her eyes as she continued sitting and wouldn’t get down.

“Hi Angel! We’re home, please get down.” Tajudeen said with a smile.

“Please where in God’s name is this place?” Amirah asked in anxiety.

“Oh baby this is Ajegunle.” Tajudeen revealed while Amirah shouted in disbelief.

“Mo ku oooo!!!!!!!” [I am done for!!!!!!]”

“What is the matter?” Tajudeen queried as he stared strangely at her.

“What do you mean what is the matter you deceit! Is this the house you displayed on Facebook?”

“My dear leave story! all na packaging. If I upload a house like this on facebook, you wouldn’t be interested in me so I have to package my business well to attract patronage. Come on let’s go in, I have a plasma TV. I have a DSTV cable you can watch movies so you won’t be bored. You won’t believe I also have an air condition and a freezer so my dear don’t judge me with the outside of the house come in and explore the inside.” Tajudeen summoned with a smile.

“You’re really crazy! I can’t step a foot in this house talk more of spending the night.” Amirah said and made to leave when Tajudeen pulled her back.



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