Fear of Allah: The lost treasury


It’s lost
It’s a lost treasury
Which exit has paved way for so many atrocities
Worship Allah as though you see him
And if you do not see him
He clearly sees you and everything you do
But this particular consciousness is lost
The fear of Allah no longer exists in the heart of man
Man kills one another
Man takes what does not belong to him
Man betray trust
Man commits adultery
Man fornicates
Man gossips
Man slander
Man backbites
Man commits suicide
Man wrong his own soul
Simply because the fear of Allah is lost in his heart
How do we revive the lost glory
The lost that has got us in a mess
We have it but we do not pay heed
Know that Allah sees you
There are angels by your left and right
Who are as fast as lightning to record your good and bad deeds
Be aware of this and repent from your sins
What does it profit a man who acquire
So much through ill means
Who enjoy sex through Zina
Who dwell in the web of sins
And dwell forever in hell
Let’s take a moment to reflect
Rebuild our fear of Allah
And do away with sins which does
Nothing but perish a man


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