WRITING: A Muslimah’s tool for Jihad



Firstly, what is Jihad? Jihad can be defined as struggling in the cause of Allah. In other words Jihad is an act of worship aimed at earning reward by the almighty.

When we talk about writing as a tool for Jihad, we are simply talking about writing as a means of struggling in the cause of Allah. The popular saying of the prophet [PBUH] comes to mind at this instance. The prophet SAW says “Whosoever of you sees an evil, let him change it with his hand and if he’s not able to do so, then let him change it with his tongue: and if he’s not able to do so, then with his heart — and this is the weakest of faith.”

Who is a writer? In mass communication class, I was taught that a writer is someone who knows something about everything. Talk of medicine, law, politics, psychology, geography, Teaching, engineering, agriculture to mention a few. A writer need versatility to excel.

Writing can be regarded as a means of correcting evil with our hands. A muslimah writer is therefore someone who corrects evils or societal ills through writing as a pen is a sword which pierce into the heart and it’s usefulness cannot be over emphasized. You don’t know how far your message travels and what benefits it does to the recipient so keep writing what is good.

Medium and types of writing

There are various types of writing a muslimah can engage in to struggle in the cause of Allah. As earlier mentioned that writing is used as a means to correct societal evil, there are also various means to get this message across to a target audience. Social media today is a means of communication where the message of writing can be disseminated to people without a physical contact and without having to go from one person to another. Why I mentioned the medium of information dissemination is to be able to ensure where to meet target audience for each type of writing one chooses to engage in. There are also newspapars and magazines which fall under print media. Anyhow a Muslimah chooses to disseminate her information through writing, there’s always a medium.

There are various types of writing and each has its own benefit. Every writing which is aimed at worshipping Allah should have Islamic content and should be geared towards educating Muslims either concerning their religion Islam or something that would be of assistance to them morally,socially, mentally and of course intellectually in this life and the hereafter.

Types of writing: Types of writing are quite numerous but for the purpose of this write-up, I’ll mention only four.

*Medical Writing: This is aimed at sensitizing the public on anything and everything that has to do with medical field. This can include writing about health issues, prevention and cure of diseases, maternal issues , fertility issues and several others. This can be done by a medical doctor or anyone in any medical field. It is aimed at sensitizing the public and this is a form of struggling in the cause of Allah which is rewardable.

*Article Writing: This is writing about anything that can be of benefit to the public, it may be centered on Quran, Haddith, Seerah, and other religious aspect of life. Article writing can also be secular like fashion, style, food, culture, travel and tourism etc

*Feature writing: This is non-fiction writing or report about a person, event or news generally. Feature can be paired alongside article but as a writer and communicator, I choose to distinguish them . Feature should stand alone while article should stand alone. A muslimah writer can center Feature writing on the lives and times of a particular Muslimah who had struggle for the deen, Islam, and whose story can be a source of inspiration for other muslimahs.

I plan on exploring lives of Munoqahs in future in shaa Allah. Veiled Muslimahs like Naima B Robert, Kifaayah Omotosho, Sharifah Yunus, Baseerah Ribigbe, Umm Abdirrahman kifaayah Bukky Umm Summayyah Mai, Mariam Nomayri Mababaya and a host of others who have excelled in their various careers and field of endeavours despite using the face veil for people to know veiling is not failing and that our Niqob is neither a sign of backwardness nor ignorance nor mental incompetence but a woman’s duty and right to her Lord.

This is a kind of feature writing which is aimed at inspiring sisters and gearing them towards goodness and excelling.

*Fiction writing: Fiction writing is a kind of imaginative story which aims at teaching one lesson or another. A Muslimah writer can choose Fiction writing to correct the ills in the society and to sensitize the public on events around the world. A Fiction writer should indicate fiction in her writing to avoid deceiving people. The readers should not think they are reading true stories whereas it is imaginations.

Muslimahs are therefore advised to pick up their pens and choose writing as a means of worship. Writers and readers are leaders and to earn Allah’s reward through writing, there’s a need to purify the intention as actions will be judged according to intention.

Before you write, take the following WH questions into cognizance

➡️Why: Why am I writing?

➡What: ️What message am I passing across?

➡️Who: Who are my target audience

➡️Where: Where will my message lead my audience to, paradise or hell?

➡️When: When should I write? Time is an important factor in writing. I shouldn’t be writing about divorce when the atmosphere calls for otherwise.

I am proud to be a writer, I write to earn Allah’s reward. May Allah bless all writers who write for jihad.



  1. Assalamu alaikum defenitly you have educated us in many fields to the wonderful author May Allah accept all ur efforts and may the ummah benefit at large love you for the pleasure of Allah

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