SELF LOVE AND TOTAL RELIANCE ON ALLAH: An antidote for depression



You are good no matter what anyone says or think of you. You are specially made for a purpose. Love yourself, believe in yourself and carry yourself honourably.

Do not let negativity get to you, people will always talk, whether good or bad. There’s bully everywhere.

Bully can come from parents, siblings, friends and neighbors. When you love yourself and believe your existence is important, hate speech will never bother you.

Even cyber bully is not left out, from people you haven’t even met before. Don’t let what people say define who you are, you are beautiful, bold and prestigious.

Situation can mar happiness too but he who stay strong shall have a story to tell. Sickness, poverty, loneliness, rejection, failure are other agents of depression. When sick, please seek help, both moral and financial. The antidote for poverty is hardwork, at least if hardwork doesn’t bring wealth, it brings contentment, and if after all the struggles, you still wallow in abject poverty then rely on Allah and He alone shall ease your affairs.

Be among the pious, do not stay alone, an idle mind is shaytan’s workshop. Keep good friends who would always remind you of good and forbid evil for you. Read the Quran and make lots of dhikr.

When you fail, keep trying again. He who falls is not a failure but he who falls and refused to get up again. Many successful people have fallen and risen so giving up is not an option neither is failure the end of life.

Moreover, have absolute trust in Allah. Know that human being are unreliable and don’t put too much trust in them, else you’ll be disappointed. Disappointment comes when we put our trust in human rather than Allah and this can kill our morale. Human being may promise you heaven and earth but few are true to their words, only Allah promises and never fail so won’t you rather submit all your affairs to him?

People will call you blood but blood dries up when you need their help. People call you love but love go sore when the going gets tough. This is a pointer to the fact that no good can come from any human to you except that which Allah wills.

I repeat, know that no goodness can come from anyone to you except that which Allah wills. Know also that human are fallable so don’t be too sad to the point of depression when your trust is betrayed.

Finally, be happy for others. Being sad when others are rejoicing is another agent of depression. Do not be sad when Allah bestowed His blessings on others. Remember no two destiny is the same. Celebrate others and you shall be celebrated. Do not despair of Allah’s mercy for he promised ease after hardship and Allah is always faithful and never deceitful so have absolute trust and reliance on Him and you shall be successful both in this life and the hereafter.

Ring it, reiterate it, reverberate it, echo it, sound it, suicide is never a solution to depression but self love and absolute reliance on Allah. Suicide is a dark room, do not enter it.



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