Episode Seventeen

It was a beautiful day filled with happiness. The day that marked the beginning of a forever together. To be loved by the person you love is everything, and to have the determination to make the marriage work by falling in love many times with the same person is heavenly. With the determination to make their love story one that never ends, they both grinned happily looking forward to the future with an unclouded happiness.

The couple continued greeting the guests from one tent to the other. They got to where Mrs Olayiwola was sitting and Khadijah screamed happily.

“Ma’am, I had no idea you are present.” Khadijah said happily while Mrs Olayiwola embraced her.

“Your husband invited me. And of course it’s really a pleasure to witness your day. I am so proud of both of you. I’m sure your kids would also compete in terms of brilliance.” Mrs Olayiwola said with a grin.

“Thanks for coming ma, we really appreciate.” They chorused.

“It’s my pleasure. Now let me add my own advice to the ones you’ve been given. A forever together doesn’t happen because of the love you had in the beginning, but how well you continue building that love until the end. The tools for building love are understanding, patience, tolerance, submissiveness, respect, forgiveness amongst others. There would always be challenges but learning to accept each other’s flaws and living with them, forgiving one another and a lot of respect would work wonder in your marriage.” Mrs Olayiwola advised.

“Thank you ma. We’ll make use of your advice.” Adam said with smiles.

The merry making continued into very late in the evening. It was indeed a glorious day.


Adam was granted just a week break at work, so the couple decided to make the best use of those days. While their family and other guests were still enjoying the merrymaking, he picked his car keys, held his wife and off they travelled to Ijesha. Zenebabs Half Moon Resort was the place he’d always fantasized about and he made sure he realized his dreams. That was where they spent the next seven days.

They left Lagos after Zuhr prayer in the afternoon and before 6:00pm, they were already in their destination. He’d already booked a room and they just retired to the luxurious room.

They entered the bedroom and Khadijah was wowed. The sheet on the bed had a bold embroidery of love at the center and there were flowers on the bed and scattered all over the floor too. They stepped on flowers to the room and the beautiful scents from the flowers was heavenly. Khadijah’s face was lit and she was wearing an awe expression. Before she could found her voice to speak, Adam smiled and spoke.

“You don’t like them? You requested for a rose and here are bouquets of flowers.” Adam said with a smile.

“Of course I love them. I am just surprised that you made an extra effort. You really impressed me.” She expressed with emotions and he moved closer to her.

“Anything for you my darling queen.” He said while staring straight into her eyeball.

He was now closer to her and she could feel the heaviness of his breath. She closed her eyes in apprehension and her heart was beaten faster. Adam planted a kiss on her forehead and moved away. He knew she was scared and that wouldn’t be the best time. She heaved a sigh of relief and walked to the bed to sit.

“Let’s have a shower.” Adam urged.

“Yes, after you.” Khadijah replied still breathing heavily.

“No, together.” He insisted.

“No Adam, not together. Or else you want me to faint.” She replied with a pleading gaze while Adam moved over and sat beside her on the bed.

“Don’t be scared, you’re safe with me.” He assured and she nodded her head with her eyes closed out of shyness.

“I know I am safe with you Adam, but let’s bathe separately pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” She begged again.

He smiled and shook his head. Khadijah looked away once again. She had this crazy urge to run into his arms, but scared and shy at the same time. She had the man she’d always love and wished to be with but suddenly she realized it wasn’t that easy to go naked the first time together.

They took turn to have a shower. After the shower, they said the sunnah prayer together. He got up but Khadijah curled up on the prayer mat. He moved closer to her and pulled her up to himself. He wrapped his arms around her, then bent to kiss her……………………….

It was a journey to the land of passion, a confession and reassurance of an undying love.

“I love you Khadijah, slowly I fantasized a future with you, and steadily I found you in my arms. Back then, I told myself severally to forget totally about you. ‘You can live without her’ A deceitful part of my heart always told me. But with time, I realized I couldn’t, I was only fooling myself. Watching and protecting you from afar aches my heart but now I can openly watch over you and protect you because you’re now mine, forever and a day.” He said while staring into her eyeball.

“I love you Adam, so hard I can’t explain. The moment I accepted that fact, my heart experienced inner peace and tranquility. Knowing that you love me too made my heart grow fonder of you. Your love reformed me but I don’t think you realized that fact. Thank you for loving a girl like me with a lot of imperfectness. Thank you for being a source of my redemption. Thank you for being the vehicle that transported the bad Khadijah into the not so good version and still you accepted her like that. Your love transformed me and your lovers became my lovers if not, I would have slapped your sister the day she asked me to sit at the back of the car but I need not because your love had become my weakness. Thank you Adam for loving me with my flaws.” She said with smiles and he replied her with a kiss.


A month after their wedding, Khadijah returned to the states and the couple shuttled between Nigeria and America until Khadijah was through and finally relocated to Nigeria to be with her husband.

Living fully together now was the beginning of their marriage. Then Khadijah’s weak upbringing was laid bared. She wasn’t raised to do house chores and she couldn’t lift a finger, her cooking skill was also zero. All her life she’d enjoyed over pampering by both parents and she almost never entered the kitchen. The servants served her and they also parked her dishes.

Her mum didn’t see this as a big deal, after all, life is now easier with modern gadgets at beck and call for those who can afford them. Why should a woman be trained on house chores when human and mechanical resources are there to do it? This was who Khadijah grew up to be but she was really lucky, in fact, very lucky.

She married a well raised man, morally, dutifully and responsibly. Doing house chores had become part of him and he didn’t see it as a big deal so he was able to fill the vacuum. Since they were both working, they employed a live-out maid to cater for their chores while away. And they always return to a sparkling clean house with the laundry and everything done. But what happened when the maid takes a day or more days off? What happened when the maid is sick?

With all the above possible inevitable occurrences in mind, Adam took it upon himself to teach her. He taught her basic house chores responsibility. He taught her how to cook. She wasn’t finding it easy, but she was sure adjusting. Not learning at the right time is unconsciously a weapon for laziness and she was sure lethargic. It wasn’t part of the ideal instilled in her so she sees it as a burden rather than duty. Even after her husband taught her some things, she still found it difficult to do them to time or approparitely. But Adam sure understood.

He was ever ready to fill the vacuum, he grew up to be a superman with a lot of power. If she didn’t do it, he would, without complain. Even her underwears litters around, he would remind her to wash them and she would nod her head. Sometimes, she wouldn’t and being the kind of man he is, he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off them. Then he would pick and wash for her, it wasn’t a big deal to him.

Most of the time, she wears disposable underpants and when those are finished and she hadn’t gotten new ones, she would be forced to wear non-disposable and to wash would be a herculean task for her. She wasn’t dirty though, in fact she was overly neat and couldn’t stand a dirty environment but others do it while she enjoyed it. Her impudence wasn’t borne out of self will. She couldn’t just help it, she wasn’t raised to be dutiful.

Adam was understanding with the belief that her transformation wouldn’t be sudden but gradual. She’d spent more years with her parents and she’d only spent few months with him. It wouldn’t be just possible to roll over to a new being like a magic, it would surely take time and he was patient. They never had a heat argument, neither had they had cause to doubt each other’s love.

He found solace in her pleasant sides, appreciated them and this made him dwelled less on her imperfectness. Isn’t marriage the coming together of two imperfect people who refused to give up on each other? He overlooked her shortcomings moreso when Khadijah had grown to be respectful and overly submissive. She knew he loved the name ‘first man’ so well and she turned it to a pet name which she called him. The delight in his eyes when she first called him ‘first man’ was indescribable. Yes, respect a man and show him that he’s the head and he would reciprocate with an undying love and affection.

Everyday, he called him first man. She not only called out the name verbally, she also acted upon it. He’s her first man, the one whom Allah made her head and the first man in every sense of it. Calling him the name worked wonder and it was like a key with which she opened his heart with. Something like a mumu botton.

They were living just fine until Lateefah came to spend some time with them. She had gained admission into the state university in Lagos and it was the first semester break. She was in her brother’s house to spend the break and her eyes saw many things. [Ti ogiri o’ba lanu, alangba o’le wobe. The opening of the wall paved way for the lizard]


Since Khadijah wasn’t pretending, the real her wasn’t used to house chores and when Lateefah came, it was impossible for her to form.

Adam too relaxed when his sister arrived and the bulk of the work was on Lateefah. Though the live-out maid still comes around but since she wasn’t living with them, some things would still needs to be done in her absence, so the vacuum Adam was filling before became that of Lateefah.

Lateefah wasn’t finding the whole thing amusing. It baffles her that a house wife would sit comfortably glued to the lap-top all day and wouldn’t bother to lift a finger to do house chores. Even though she was excused during the week because of work, what about weekends. Lateefah was very angry and would grumble around the house while doing the chores. The most annoying thing to her was that each time she was through with cooking, Khadijah would rush down to serve her husband and this attitude always make lateefah boil with fury. She’ll grumble silently and roll her eyes at the same time. She silently wished to deal with her but she knew Adam would kill her.

One day, Lateefah finished cooking as usual and Khadijah came expectedly demanding to serve her husband.

“You can’t serve him. I cooked so I should be the one to serve him.” Lateefah refused obstinately.

“Are you arguing with me?” Khadijah asked firmly.

“I am not arguing with you…………your excellency.” Lateefah replied with sarcasm and continued. “It’s just that you can’t continue to serve him when I was the one that cooked. If you like serving your husband so much, then you’ll not be idle. Make sure it’s the food that you cook, then you’ll have the full right to serve.” Lateefah replied while rolling her eyes.

“This is the height of disrespect. Did you just talk to me like that?” Khadijah marveled.

“The food is getting cold, please leave the way.” Lateefah said and made to leave.

“If you step out of this kitchen with my husband’s food, you won’t like yourself this evening.” Khadijah expressed sternly and this time, the noise of the argument attracted Adam and he walked to the kitchen.

“What’s happening here?” Adam inquired.

“Brother mi, please tell your wife to allow me serve the food I cooked.” Lateefah replied.

“……….And have you been doing that before? Come on, don’t be silly and allow my wife serve me.” Adam replied and his sister was rude.

“Why would she be the one to serve you? She would sit lazily while I cook only for her to rush down after I’m done and fight to serve you.” Lateefah replied with a hiss and Adam was about slapping her loudmouth when Khadijah held his hands.

“Please first man, don’t hit her. She’s right, she should serve you because she cooked.” Khadijah said and ran to the room in tears.

“Do you know you’re very stupid.” Adam said angrily to his sister.

“I know you’ll always stand behind her, eti’jefo sir. She’s really irresponsible why…………………..” Lateefah was saying again and Adam made to hit her mouth the second time but she quickly ran away.

He hissed and walked to the bedroom to meet his wife. He opened the door slowly, walked in and met her crying. He moved over to her, dried her tears with his fingers and snugged her.

“Please don’t take Lateefah’s words so hard. She’s only being childish.” Adam consoled and it seemed his words did more harm than good because Khadijah let out a louder cry.

“Darling Nooooooo, I don’t like to see you like this. On behalf of my sister, I am sorry uhn.” Adam consoled again while hugging her tightly and this time she spoke amidst tears.

“I am not crying because of what Lateefah said. I am crying because I am in awe of the kind of angel I married. Lateefah’s outburst made me realize that you’ve been really patient with me. No man would take what you’re overlooking for me. Why are you an angel? I am so sorry for being a useless wife……………………”

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Adam interrupted while placing a finger on her lips. “You’re not useless, I didn’t marry a useless woman. You’re the best that has ever happened to me. I love you and I know you’re striving to be a better version of yourself. So dry your tears now and let’s go to table.”

“I am not hungry.” She replied weakly.

“No, I won’t accept that.” He said shaking his head and pulled her up gently. She drifted from his hold and he ‘kukuma’ carried her to the living room.

After their meal, Adam dished some food and took it to Lateefah in her room.

“This is your food loudmouth.” Adam said while handing the food to her.

“I am not hungry.” She replied with a long face.

“…………..And I’ll force it down your throat because you won’t waste food in my house.” He said, took a spoonful and put it in her mouth. She collected the food and felt remorseful.

“I am sorry.” She expressed gently.

“That’s not for me but for my wife. You need to say your sorry to her. And Lateefah, whatever goes on in this house shouldn’t be your headache. If I don’t have a wife and you pay me a visit, won’t you cook for me? Aside the fact that Khadijah is not good with house chores, is she a bad sister in-law to you?” Adam asked and Lateefah shook her head in the negative.

“Then, if you don’t want to upset me, don’t be rude to my wife again. You know I won’t hit you, I have never done that, don’t make me do it now.” Adam said while pulling her cheeks playfully. She said sorry again and Adam walked out.

The next morning, Lateefah said sorry to Khadijah and the latter hugged her with smiles.

“You didn’t offend me sis, not now, not ever.” Khadijah replied with smiles.

Peace resumed to the house and it was already drawing near to Lateefah’s resumption. She was going to Ibadan to spend some days with her mother before resumption and on the day she was leaving, Khadijah had already packed a lot of gifts for her and her mum before she left for work.

Adam was home on that day and when Lateefah was ready to leave, she knocked on his room. He was in the bathroom doing some laundry and couldn’t get out to open the door for his sister. Since the door wasn’t locked, he told her to come in and she walked in.

“I am leaving.” Lateefah announced.

“Bye Bye.” He replied playfully.

“What do you mean bye bye. My school fees and transport fare plus the money for new wardrobe.

“I’ll transfer your schoolfees to your account and money for wardrobe or whatever.”

“Ehn, Trasnport fare n ko?”

“See your loudmouth, ehn, transport fare n ko? He micmiked her and continued. “You talk as if you and I worked for the money together.”

“I’m sorry.” She said softly.

“Bring my trouser on the bed.” He said and just then he raised a pant from the cloth he was washing which caught Lateefah’s eyes.

“Brother mi, what’s that?” She marveled.

“What does it look like?”

“Sister Khadijah’s pant?” Lateefah said.

“Take the money you want and get out of my room.”

“Haaaaaaaaaa, brother mi, won ti get yin.”

“No my sister, if I wasn’t in my right senses, I wouldn’t have invited you to my bedroom to see what I’m doing.” Adam replied sternly.

“Issssh.” Lateefah replied, took the transport fare from his trouser pocket, said goodbye and left.

She returned to Ibadan and no sooner had she entered her mother’s living room, that she started broadcasting the news.

“Mummy!!!!!!!!!!……….. hmmmm, it’s brother Adam that washes sister khadijah’s underpants ooooo.” She said sharply while her mother exclaimed.



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