FEMINISM: A Challenge of Allah’s guidance and authority


FEMINISM: A Challenge of Allah’s guidance and authority

What is feminism? Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of ‘equality of sexes.’

There’s really nothing wrong in advocating for women’s right but on the ground of equality of sexes is what Islam frowns at.

The 19TH- and early 20th- century feminist activity in the English-Speaking World that sought to win women’s suffrage, female education rights, better working conditions and abolition of gender double standards is known as the first wave of feminism.


RADICAL FEMINISM: This is the most extreme form of feminism.
Radical feminists advocates for the freedom of women in all spheres of life. Radical feminists suggests technology that will allow babies to be grown outside of a woman’s body. Pregnancy is a bondage according to radical feminists. Breastfeeding male children should be stopped according to radical feminists as it encourages the male gender to abuse a woman’s body.

Radical feminist have an absolute feminists agenda. The ideology of radical feminists is a usurper that has come to challenge the authority Allah has given the male gender over the female.

Radical feminists believe there’s equality between spouses in marriage. A wife has equal rights as her husband. There’s no head and there’s no subject, both are partners in progress. This is contrary to the words of Allah in An-Nisa verse 34 “Men are the maintainers of women because Allah has made one of them excel others and because of what they spend out of their property; the good women are therefore obedient…………………..”

Allah urged the good women to be obedient and not fight for equality as what is obtained in Islam is not equality of gender but equity. Allah is never wrong for placing the men a degree higher than women hence feminism of any type has no place or basis in Islam.

SOCIALIST FEMINISM: The socialist feminists calls for major change in men dominance in economics and politics. The socialist feminists are not pleased that women are underrated in economics and politics. They want equal opportunity for both gender. The socialist feminists calls for even participation and involvement of women in both economics and politics. They ain’t pleased that the number of social male workers is more than that of female. They ain’t pleased that women are relegated to the background when it comes to politics. They advocate for female president, female vice president, female heads and female bosses in all spheres of human endeavor.

This call for equality in economics and politics is making women neglect the home front and it is snatching the mantle of headship from the male gender. It is empowering the female gender at the detriment of the breadwinner who is the male. When you walk into any company, both private and government owned, you found out that the number of female workers far outnumbers that of male workers. The men who are supposed to be the breadwinner are not given jobs, thereby jobless while women take the forefront. And women are quick to complain that men of today are irresponsible. This is so because feminism advocacy is ripping men off their work while empowering the women who men should cater for ordinarily. I am not saying women shouldn’t work or shouldn’t be empowered but in situation where the ratio of male and female worker is 2:8 then something is wrong. The breadwinner are relegated to the back while the women are empowered more, no thanks to feminism advocacy.

Naturally as Allah made it rightly so, men are the head while women should be behind them. Any attempt to change this is calling for chaos. Women being behind does not mean a sign of backwardness, ignorance, nor mental incompetence, it simply means obeying the injunction of Allah and being honored by the most high. We all claim that a woman is fragile, Allah knows this and made the men our protector in all ramification yet some of us still complain and sought to challenge the authority and guidance of Allah.

Islam frowns at women leading men either in the home, country, office or anywhere. Women are emotionally weak, quick to be intoxicated by power and when in power we are harsh in speech. Women boss are usually too bossy. Women head are usually heady. Women driver don’t give way. Women are weak, we are fragile and Allah chose to protect us, instead of us to be thankful, we challenge His guidance. May Allah rectify our affairs.

CULTURAL FEMINISM: The cultural feminists calls for the abolishment of masculine behavior in uphold of feminine behavior. According to the cultural feminists, characteristics of women should dominate instead of that of men. This type of feminists opined that women are gentle so should men. Women have empathy, are sensitive, caring, sweet, compassionate, tolerant, nurturance, deference, succorance to mention a few. The Cultural feminists calls for women behavior to dominate the society instead of that of men.

The cultural feminists calls for men equal responsibility in nurturing the kids, baby sitting, cooking, house chores and the likes. [There’s nothing wrong really in men assisting their women but feminists sees this as equal right and they uphold this call with the last blood in their veins]. The cultural feminists wouldn’t mind if a man help with the load of pregnancy, after all, men and women have equal rights according to feminism ideology. This is against the words of Allah where the woman’s role is to carry a pregnancy ‘We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; in pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give birth to him’ Al-Ahqaf verse 15.

Carrying a pregnancy is the role of a woman as designed by Allah but feminists calls for otherwise. Men are the protector and head of women but feminism calls for otherwise.

A radical feminists would never be subject under a man. If she found herself under a man, she would always question his authority as opposed the words of Allah. Allah says ‘O you who believe, obey Allah and His messenger and those placed in authority among you……………’An-Nisa verse 59.

Feminism is a virus that beclouds the sense of reasoning. Feminists not only challenge the authority of men, they also challenge the authority of the creator. Allahs says ‘It is not befitting for a believing man and woman, when a matter has been decided by Allah and His messenger, to have any option about their decision.’ Al-Ahzaab verse 36.

Feminism has no place in Islam. feminism does not befit a Muslim woman. A Muslim woman can’t be a feminist. A feminist can’t make a good Muslim wife. A feminist can’t be a good subject. A feminist can’t be a good leader either, she would align more to the female gender. Feminists can’t stay under a man. They are quick to seek for divorce because they can never be submissive to their husbands. They’ll rather remain single mothers than living by the dictate of a man.

Feminism is a virus that has come to challenge the authority of Allah and His Rasul. It is a fire that must be extinguished before it spreads more than it has done. It is a disease that must be abolished for it has no place in Islam. I repeat, a Muslim woman can’t be a feminist, you’re toying with your Akhirah if you do.

I am a woman, I love being my husband’s wife. I enjoy obeying him and standing solidly behind him not because I am weak or because I am ignorant or because I am suffering from backwardness or mental incompetence but because Allah has made him my head and my protector and my duty is to obey him.

I am his helpmate and not his equal. I have rights over him the same way he has rights over me. When my rights are infringed upon, I asked for it and not wage a war. The Quran and Shariah will definitely protect my right in case I have an abusive husband. Allah is enough as strength for me. I won’t resort to devilish feminism to fight for my right as a wife or as a citizen of my country. May Allah bless all women who sees feminism as a plaque and are avoiding it for fear of contamination.

Let’s wage a war against feminism, it’s a usurper.

Lateefah Adewunmi Jumah


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