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So lajfingers website expires and below ๐Ÿ‘Žis what I got.

I’ve seen alert already. If you ever benefitted from my story or at least my story has ever killed your boredom, help me pray for this beautiful soul. She wants to remain anonymous if not, I would have posted her name right here for you to be familiar with the woman with a large heart.

I would have posted the first episode of veiling is not failing but my feature guest insisted it must be on the blog to protect her privacy but unfortunately the blog expired. You can see why this Angel’s help came at the right time.

I wasn’t motivated to renew the blog because I decided not to use my money but the profit from the blog but unfortunately there wasn’t any profit so I just closed my eyes.

This is what I want my readers to do for me henceforth, whenever you visit the blog, try and click on an advert, even if it is for two seconds. Since it is a monitized blog, the number of visitors doesn’t matter but the number of visitors that click on the advert placement. This is what will amount to money and I can be motivated to renew next year.

Our people love awoof and some people will even beg for me to post on facebook. There’s nothing wrong in making money off your sweat. You make money and still gets reward for your effort. Please do this for me to make lajfingers website live long. Let me thank you in advance. Jazakumllahu khairan.

Please don’t forget to pray for the angel that’ll enable you continue enjoying my stories. May Allah never leave her to herself even for a blink of an eye and may she be rewarded immensely in this life and the next. May this weigh hugely on her scale of good deeds. Jazakillahu khairan my anonymous angel in human form.



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