True life stories of Muslimahs in face veil.

Story Three

Our feature guest for today is Hajia Shariifah Yunus. She is a culinary artist and instructor at Sherry Mama’s Delight, a catering outfit that has been in existence for over 6 years. She is also a writer who enjoys writing more of autobiographical stories.

She started writing at about the age of 13. She started writing fiction then, but moved to real life stories. She also writes human angle stories to help raise funds for charities she facilitates.

Growing up,she was raised as a muslim by name, however as a young adult she lived with relatives that made christianity compulsory on her. She fought to remain a muslim going through psychological and physical abuse till she had to leave the home so as to remain a muslimah.

She learnt about Islam,and fell in love with it. She learnt to read the Quran as an adult memorizing little portions along the way. She particularly loved to read the meaning of Quran, which helped in increasing her faith and understanding. The difficulties and abuses she suffered to have the deen made her more determined to learn and stick to the new path of faith.

Shariifah had always loved cooking as a child,her favourite childhood memories had a lot to do with recipe creations with her mum!

Shariifah’s love for great tasting and healthy meals, need to change the world of artificial additives in meals,snacks,and unhealthy food lifestyles led to her making amazing discovery in food seasoning!

After several years of studying herbs and spices to give nigerian and intercontinental dishes awesome tastes, she developed 6 flavors of all natural spice mix devoid of MSG that replaces artificial seasoning. These spice mix ensure we eat not just tasty meals,but meals filled with herbs and spices rich in antioxidants and much more. She also has created 4 herb and spice tea flavors that are also filled with healthy nutritional benefits.

She is a self taught baker with about 10 years professional baking experience. Her specialties is in making delectable dessert cakes and pastries. She also teaches the delicate, beautiful arts of baking without artificial flavors and preservatives and cooking without artficial seasoning too.

Being a muslimah in face veil,living in Nigeria with so many odds and doing active business for so many years she came to certain realizations.
The need to learn the rules of the sharia’ on doing profitable business, and the fact that Muslim women who work from home have been successful,and can be successful!

This inspired her to start a business training called The Tijaarah Tea.
She started this business training sessions to give;

> The correct rules of the sharia on business.

> Give first hand teachings on business fails and triumphs.

> Bring seasoned entrepreneurs who are muslim women, to teach different forms of entrepreneurial skills.

> Provide an avenue in a serene environment where muslim women can network, bond, learn and relax with great food and even greater memories.
So far over a 100 women have passed through this trainings with amazing reviews.

She is the facilitator of SMD Feeding The Fasting & FTF Special Unit Sqaud,an initiative to feed the poor muslims in our communities. FTF has special feature every Ramadhan for the past 5 years.

FTF which is majorly funded by charity donations has provided over 40,000 meals since its inception.
The hope with FTF is to have neighbourhood soup kitchens where anyone could visit when their day has been bleak and hungry. The hope is also to be the first call to muslim families where food relief packs can be taken to them.

Shariifah Yunus studied mass communication from the Moshood Abiola Polythecnic.

She loves cooking,baking,writing,loves to listen to people and create beneficial relationships. She is particularly passionate about orphans and widows.

Shariifah is married and mum to 4 girls and a baby boy. She is also a successful mum whose eldest daughter who is almost 16 finished hifz at the age of 12, making her a proud mother of a haafizdh Maa shaa Allah. (You all know what that means, smiles).

The rest of her children are still in the hifz school. Her dream biidhnillah is to have all her children becoming great haafidh and muhaddith biidnillah! She also has an amazing foster son who is an adorable 4 years old boy,the son of one of her best friends.

Being a woman in niqab has so much challenges, but by Allah it is liberating and fufilling. She believes she is able to shine,not just because of how she looks! She feels challenged to be the best in what she does as Allah has said muslims are the best of mankind,that has been her mantra. “I am a muslimah who is changing the narratives”. I believe in the ayah of the best place for women is their home and I aim to inspire women that you can be a mother and wife yet be an amazing business woman working from home”,this is what she says to herself and other muslimah!

She does most of her work when the kids are in school. When they come home she makes sure the first 10 minutes is for them,to listen to all they have to say and ask them questions about school.

Her daughters also works with her during their free time,they learn about her business and they are proud of what she does. She teaches them,”we can be muslimah, and we can be amazingly awesome too”!

She has always loved the face veil even before marriage,she doned the garb of modesty about 15 years ago. Though she has had her share of challenges and doubt along the way,but if she was asked to choose again she would be a munaaqabah and take after the mothers of the believers!

Her advice for Muslimahs in general is to change the narratives. A woman can be a mother and wife yet be an amazing business woman working from home.


Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us ma’am. You don’t know how many lives you’ve inspired. May Allah reward you with goodness in this world and the next.

May Allah crown your endeavors with unlimited success and may your effort towards Deen, business and homefront never go unnoticed by Allah.

Thank you for showing us that we can be in face veil and still be as successful as the word success. The Niqab through your example is neither a sign of backwardness, nor ignorance, nor mental incompetence but our duty to Allah.

You’re an outstanding mother and exceptionally brilliant writer. Your cooking skill is amazing and a motivation for a lazy cook like me.

Keep winning ma! Keep soaring higher till you reach your abode which is Jannah biithnillah.

Photo credit: Raihanah bint Abdul-Hakeem. Love you plenty darling 💕💓❤💖💗💖❤


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  1. they’re all interesting and beneficial ma’am, but please can I get the number for hajia Sherifah yunus I need to learn cooking without artificial seasoning. Please…

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