Episode Six

The day was long, longer than usual, especially when Enitan spent it in worriedness and anxiety. After her uncle told her she’s a child, he left her presence before Enitan bombarded him with questions. Her Uncle was a man of few words. He talks sagely and expected you to decode the meaning of his words. If anyone was unable to do so, he wouldn’t bother answering questions.

Enitan left the balcony after her neck hurt badly from over stretching. She went into the room and tried to take her mind off Taofeeq by reading her book. That book was the only thing Enitan was able to escape with from her father’s house. Her exam was approaching and she needed to study but unfortunately today happened to be the wrong day to study.

After a while of staring blankly at the book, she closed it and tried to force some sleep but the sleep wasn’t coming too. The chatterbox Taiwo had already left for school, if not she would have assisted Enitan to shun her brooding with her never ending chit-chats.

It was really a long day for her and it seemed the 24 hours of a day had been extended to 48 and half. She was really worried and her heart occupied with thoughts so much that she couldn’t pay much attention to Taiwo’s chit-chat when she arrived in the evening. She squeezed her face at interval and had a silent hiss severally. Eventually the night arrived and she went to bed with a heavy heart.

The next day was the same story, expecting him to show up all day while he didn’t. Her uncle disallowed her from going anywhere. The man was one strict and highly principled man. Enitan thought of how she could contact Taofeeq but couldn’t arrive at a favorable solution. Then she became a little reserved and touchy. She said little to Taiwo and snapped at Kehinde for being too tactile. Whenever Kehinde was talking to Enitan, he either places his hands on her shoulder or held her hands.

Some other time when he’s passing beside her, he made sure he touched her. In short, he was comfortable with and really enjoys regular physical contact with her. At first, Enitan didn’t read meaning to his handsy manner, but when she observed he wasn’t haptic towards his twin sister, she decided not to take nonsense from him.

She transferred the aggression of not being able to see Taofeeq to him and whenever he does his usual act, he flung his hands away. Some other time, she just served him a scornful look before he was able to touch her, the looks would then make him withdraw his hand and Enitan would hiss.

She was beginning to get bored and needed to see Taofeeq. She didn’t memorize her boss’s number, she would have contacted him through that means. She wondered why he hadn’t come to check her, or has he suddenly forgotten about her? She thought and quickly shook her head to refute that negative thought. The second day passed away too and the next day came knocking with some ray of hope.

The hope of seeing him that day was dashed too and suddenly she took solace in the fact that Saturday was just some hours away. She would definitely see him tomorrow, she thought as she let out a delicious smile.

After meal on Friday night, the family was in the living room watching the network news. Kehinde was sitting beside Enitan. Another thing he loves doing was sitting beside her. That evening, he wasn’t concentrating on the TV. He had his eyes glued to his phone and giggled and wriggled intermittently. His grandpa and twin sister didn’t pay attention to him. Neither did they ask what it was that was making him laughed so hard. Apparently, they were used to his weird behavior.

When his laughter was unbecoming, Enitan asked what was funny and he beckoned on her to come take a look. Reluctantly, Enitan moved closer to him and screamed ‘Subhana’Allah’ immediately at the sight of what Kehinde was watching.

The young man was watching a porn video and immediately Enitan screamed, his grandpa and sister got up simultaneously to catch a glimpse of the scenario but before they could reach him, he had stopped the video and his phone was back to the screen. Before his family could ask the surprised Enitan whose mouth was still agape anything, Kehinde laughed again and spoke amidst laughter.

“Don’t mind this lily livered Enitan. I was watching a film where the protagonist got brutally massacred by the antagonist. I guess she couldn’t stand the sight of blood…………..You can’t be a nurse or doctor o Enitan!” Kehinde said and with this he quickly exited the living room and went straight into his room.

The trio of uncle, Taiwo and Enitan exchanged glances while both uncle and Taiwo shrugged it off and went back to their seats. Enitan, seeing the nonchalant attitude of the duo also returned to her position but couldn’t take her mind off the video she saw a while back.

Taiwo who was an early sleeper was the first person to leave the leaving room. She got up and Enitan followed her immediately after saying goodnight to her uncle. Inside the bedroom, Taiwo laid down immediately and closed her eyes. It seemed she wasn’t in the mood for chit-chat that night.

Enitan expected Taiwo to ask her what she saw on Kehinde’s phone that made her scream so loudly but when Taiwo didn’t mention anything about it, she decided to keep mute and not say anything about it as well.

The following day which was Saturday, Enitan got up with a great enthusiasm. She hummed happily around the house while assisting the nanny with the chores. Happiness radiates on her face and she wasted no time in getting ready to go to school. She would see the one whom her heart had been longing to see all these days. It’s been only four days she saw him last and those four days were like 40days.

She smiled happily as she bid her uncle and second cousins goodbye. Her uncle muffled a #200 note in her palm for her transport fare. Though the money wouldn’t be enough but she thanked him all the same. She ran down the stairs and quickly hailed a keke napep to the park.


At school, her mind was not really in the lectures but how to see Taofeeq. After close of school, she didn’t waited another second before carrying her bag and went off to join a vehicle to Egbeda. She got to the shop and the hailing of the other apprentices almost deafened her. She proceeded to the shop and greeted her boss.

“Enitan how are you?” Her boss asked with smiles

“I am fine ma.”

“You’re really looking good and fresh. In fact you’ve added some flesh.” The boss complimented her and one of the apprentices chipped in.

“Yes she’s looking fresh. Peace of mind is very good.”

“So…….why haven’t we been seeing you?” The boss asked.

“My uncle didn’t allow me ma, he said the distance is too much and that he would get a place near home for me.” Enitan explained while standing on her toes. She couldn’t wait to go see Taofeeq in his shop.

“Alright, I really understand. May God always be with you………………” The boss was praying when Enitan quickly interrupted her impatiently.

“Excuse me ma, I’ll be right back.” Enitan said and dashed out like a lightening before she was called back.

She went straight into Taofeeq’s shop but unfortunately met his absence. She met two of his apprentices and those were glad to see her.

“Enitan Enitan, long time no see………….” One of the apprentices was hailing but Enitan ignored him. She asked about Taofeeq instead.

“Where is your boss?” She asked eagerly.

“Haaaaaaa! Our boss is enjoying in Abuja.” One of them answered humorously.

“Abuja!!!!” Enitan exclaimed.

“Yes Abuja………….there is a summit by a NGO going on in Abuja……………………..” One of the apprentices was trying to say but Enitan interrupted impatiently.

“Ehn ehn………when did he start working with NGO? She queried sharply.

“Will you let me land? The participants of the summit were to wear uniformed attire and Oga is one of the fashion designer recruited to do the job, he went with two apprentices and that’s why we are two here. My Oga has really hit the jackpot.” One of them joked.

Enitan was disappointed. She doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad. She’s definitely sad for not seeing Taofeeq and of course she was really happy for the milestone he’d achieved. She eventually had a missed feeling but the sadness of not seeing him outweighs the happiness he felt for him.

“Okay, tell him I was here when he gets back.” Enitan said and was about leaving when she turned back after remembering something.

“Please give me his mobile number.” She requested and one of the apprentices wrote Taofeeq’s number on a sheet of paper for her.

She collected the number, went back to her boss’s shop and announced her intention to leave immediately.

All through her journey home, she had no other thought than the thought of getting a phone. Had it been she had a phone, she would have saved Taofeeq’s number and the issue of disconnection wouldn’t have happened between them. She shook her head at the thought of getting a phone because the cheapest phone would cause nothing less than #5000 and she had only #6500 as savings.

One thousand five hundred naira would definitely not suffice her for more than two Saturdays as transport fare to school. She had to use her brain and be wise. She waved off the idea of getting a phone and decided to call Taofeeq in a phoning booth which she did immediately after alighting from the bus but he didn’t pick.

“Maybe your caller doesn’t pick strange numbers.” The man at the phoning booth said after several trials without Taofeeq picking.

“Maybe.” Enitan agreed with a shrug and walked away in disappointment.

She got home and begged Taiwo to use her phone. Taiwo agreed and the story was the same. Maybe Taofeeq don’t pick strange numbers, Enitan admitted and went to bed in dejection.

The following day which was Sunday seemed so long as well. Taiwo didn’t go to school but the twin visited their parents in Abeokuta and wouldn’t be back until Monday night. Enitan went to the nearest phoning station to call Taofeeq again and the story was the same.

He didn’t pick up till Monday evening when the twin arrived. Enitan made use of Taiwo’s phone on Monday evening and the story this time was ‘switched off’. Taiwo who had been observing her apprehensiveness asked who the person she’d been trying to call is but she replied with just a friend and Taiwo shrugged.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning, the twin left for school and Enitan was in the room when her uncle called upon her. He told her he would be visiting a friend down the street and that she should shut the door as the nanny had also gone to the market.

Enitan obeyed and shut the door as instructed. She went to her room and started studying her books. Fifteen minutes after the departure of her uncle, she heard a knock on the door and all her thought was that uncle was back until she got to the door and met Kehinde.

She opened the door for him in surprise and the look on her face wasn’t pleasant. She hadn’t asked him anything before he started spewing his reasons for coming back.

“I forgot my books.” Kehinde said and Enitan nodded her head while still waiting at the door for him to go pick his books so that she could shut the door after he was out.

Kehinde walked passed Enitan as if he was going to the room but turned back. Enitan was backing him so he walked stealthily behind her and grabbed her from behind.

He carried her unto the couch while covering her mouth at the same time. He overpowered her with all his strength while struggling to undress. He removed his trouser, remaining his under pant. He struggled to unbutton Enitan’s blouse and when that was taking time, he tore the blouse into pieces like a hungry lion.

He had already muted her with his stronger hand. She was shouting but her voice wasn’t heard. Kehinde struggled with her skirt and when he couldn’t remove it as Enitan was struggling hard with all her strength to save herself as well, he wanted to tear the skirt but the skirt was jean so he wasn’t having it easy. They were both still struggling hard with each other when they heard noises behind them.

Kehinde quickly got up from her chest and what he saw sent him aback. Enitan too had her freedom after Kehinde got up from her and the four eyes staring at her made her fainted with shame.

Five minutes ago, Uncle was coming back from his friend’s house when he met Taofeeq at the gate. Taofeeq greeted him which he replied coldly. He didn’t like Taofeeq and he apparently didn’t hide it. Taofeeq disregarded his coldness and asked after Enitan. Uncle was nice enough to tell him that she was home and they both climbed the stairs together.

Upon getting to the living room, the duo of uncle and Taofeeq met an attempted rape scenario and they screamed. Enitan fainted upon sighting Taofeeq and his uncle rushed to her. Taofeeq was greatly embarrassed and he had to excuse himself. Uncle despite his frailed bones struggled to carry Enitan to the bathroom where he poured a bucket of water on her. Kehinde ran out immediately and didn’t return until 12am of the following day.

Enitan woke up and remembering what happened vividly, she burst into uncontrollable tears.

She cried and as she was crying, her uncle cried too and said sorry a countless time.

“I am so sorry my daughter. I am really bitter and disappointed in Kehinde. Thank God he didn’t have his way. I’m so sorry my daughter please don’t cry again…………I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry.” Uncle repeated in tears.

Enitan was inconsolable and her tears flowed like a river. Uncle didn’t leave her and wasn’t tired of consoling her either. In Enitan’s presence, uncle made a call through to the twin’s mother who happened to be his daughter to come to his house first thing the following day.

Enitan had cried gallon of tears yet she was still hurting. After some time she got a grip on herself, stopped crying and that was when uncle left her room. After Uncle left, she resumed her weeping. And this time she cried the more as she remembered Taofeeq’s bitter and embarrassed face.

By the time Taiwo returned in the evening, Enitan’s eyes had almost popped out of its socket. Uncle explained all what happened to Taiwo and Taiwo was sympathetic. She begged Enitan and comforted her with sweet words. She pleaded with her not to wallow in bitterness and rather thanked Allah amidst her tears.

Enitan was unable to eat since the incidence and his uncle almost forced some tea down her throat just to make sure she had something. The family all went to bed without Kehinde as he didn’t return.

Uncle stayed awake all night as the incidence really embitters him. Kehinde had been a naughty boy from childhood and his behavior grew incorrigibly by every single day that passed away. He joined bad gang and was introduced to bad behaviors. Enitan’s case was the second rape attempt he had. The first one was with the daughter of one of uncle’s tenant. Despite the fact he didn’t get his way, the tenant made a serious issue out of the case and uncle had to pay some ransom before the arrested Kehinde he was released.

From that day, he lied low after series of counseling and rehabilitation. Uncle was surprised he could do such again. Uncle was still in this bitter thought when he heard the turn of the door knob. Someone was apparently opening the door for kehinde.

Kehinde, after roaming the street till past eleven of that day, he decided to return home when he knew his grandfather must have been asleep. He called the nanny on the phone and it was the nanny that was opening the door for him when uncle heard.

Uncle heaved heavily and allowed some time to pass away before deciding to take some action. He got up at some minutes pass 1’0clock. He reached for some rope and a wire then walked stealthily to Kehinde’s room. Uncle opened the door of Kehinde’s room gently and as expected, he was fast asleep while snoring hard. Then uncle tied him so hard and during the period he was tying him, he didn’t wake up. He was such a heavy sleeper.

After Uncle was through with tying him, without waking him, he started whipping him with the wire. He got up at the first whip and realized he’d been tied. He couldn’t escape the severe beating his grandfather gave him and he could only shout, he wasn’t able to escape. The whipping was so severe that it left the design of a Nigeria map on his body.

Nobody even got up to beg grandpa to leave him. No one cared to intercede for him. They were all happy at the whipping which they thought he deserved.

After Uncle beated him thoroughly like a hardened criminal, he still didn’t untie him and he told him that is how his mother would meet him the following day when she arrives. He cried bitterly as blood dripped from the bruises he sustained.

The following day, Enitan was even the one begging her uncle to untie him but Uncle refused saying his mother would meet him like that. Taiwo didn’t even blink an eye, she got dressed and went to school.

At about 11:00am in the morning, the twin mother arrived and when she saw her son tied like a goat about to be sacrificed to the gods with dried blood and bruises all over his body, hell was let loosed.

She shouted at the top of her voice and charged at her father.

“Daddy, you mean you beat my son like a criminal because of a bastard? Oh no, this is unbelievable!!!!” Mama Twins retorted angrily.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? He tried to rape my niece, your cousin.” Uncle explained again in case she didn’t hear well.

“And so what? He tried to rape her but he hasn’t. Is that why you beat him so severely like a common thief? I won’t take this! I won’t take this never!! ………Where is that bastard that want to come between a grandfather and grandchild………….where is she………………………” Mama twins shouted and went straight to Taiwo’s room to fetch Enitan who had been shivering like a jelly.

Mama twins dragged her to the living room and in the presence of Uncle gave her two hot slaps which made her sprawling to the floor.

“I will beat this bastard the same way you beat my son. Instead of us to have a scattered family, it is a bastard that’ll excuse us in this house with the bad luck she has brought.” Mama twins said with heavy panting and reached for a wire.

She wanted to start whipping Enitan who was really teary now, but grandpa shielded her.

“Beat me instead because it is me that beat your son and not the poor girl.” Uncle said while shielding Enitan with his body.

“Daddy leave me let me deal with this bastard.” Mama twins said as she struggled with her daddy to grab Enitan.

After a while that grandpa didn’t allow her beat Enitan, she proceeded to her son’s room and pack his things. She came out, grabbed Kehinde’s hands and spoke angrily.

“I am going with my son.” She announced angrily.

“Better.” Uncle replied unperturbed.

“Better? So because of a bastard who was sent out of her father’s house for wanting to kill her step mother, you are not bothered if your grandson leaves or not?” Mama twins asked bitterly.

“Yes I am not bothered. It is even better he leaves because you didn’t allow me to reprimand him. You’re bent on destroying his life and I can’t condone your indulgence anymore. Please take him and I’ll have peace of mind.” Uncle said unbothered.

“Because of a bastard………..”

“Oh shut up, my niece is not a bastard.”

“Okay, you’ll surely regret this daddy. Please send my daughter too to me. They’ll be attending school from Abeokuta.”

“No way, I can’t release Taiwo to you.”

“You’re joking sir, is it your child or mine?

“If I don’t birth you, there’s no way you’ll birth Taiwo.” Uncle replied.

“We shall see.” Mummy Twins threatened and left with her son.

After she was gone, Enitan sank into the sofa and wept bitterly. This is indeed a double calamity! Why is life being so unfair……………..she lamented as she wept profusely.

[How bitter is your life that made you contemplate suicide? Hang on and trust your Lord. May Allah ease our affairs].


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