A True life stories of Muslimahs in face veil

Story Eight (She prefers the blog)

Our feature guest for today is Hajia Hafsah bint Nurein. She’s a writer who writes under the pen name: Ummu Hurayrah.

She hails from Lagos and was equally born in Lagos

She attended Nazareth Nursery and Pry Sch- for her First Sch Leaving Cert while she attended Maryland Comprehensive High Sch for her Junior Secondary Cert.

She proceeded to Suzan Martins Comprehensive High Sch- for her Senior secondary cert. Then she attended the Federal University of Tech Akure (FUTA)- B-Tech

The journey to the face veil Began after she gained admission into the University and frequented MSS dawah programs. By the will of Allah, she was inspired to wear the knee length hijab and afterwards the jilbab and niqaab, specifically in 2007. This was long before she got married, alhamdulillah.

She encountered a lot of challenges after donning the veil ranging from family, society and school. There were times when she couldn’t wear the niqaab in the department. Her parents threatened to disown her if she persisted in its use (Her solution was to use the niqaab outside the house without her parents’ knowledge lol). Those times were pretty rough but by the grace of Allah she persevered and surmounted the hurdles. Alhamdulillah.

After her university education, she got married during NYSC in 2011. She’s now blessed with 3 beautiful children alhamdulillah.

She taught in a secondary school for a while before she stopped so she could face homeschooling her kids full time.

She began her writing journey years ago but only professionally in 2016. Then she began to share her work (with the aim of doing dawah via the pen)and actively hone her skills. Since then she’d published a book. (Jasmine’s Secret) and several other webseries including Sunnah Weekend, Turmoil.

For her, juggling Career, deen and family takes a lot of determination, hardwork, sacrifices, patience and du’a to keep things afloat. It hasn’t been easy though, there’ve been times when she fall short and feel like she’s failing. There still are. But Alhamdulillah she get back up and keep pushing, always.

She doesn’t have a daily routine (weird?). Normally she set tasks at the beginning of each day and compartmentalise her time to accommodate each task.

She pray solah five times daily though, (This she doesn’t count as routine ) and try to recite Quraan after every solaah (Most times she achieve this, other times she do not).
She’s memorized Juz’ amma, Surahs Baqaarah to Nisaa.

Her advice for Muslimahs in general is that the veil /hijab/jilbaab is not meant to hold you back, rather it serves as a shield for you. Yes, there will be hurdles along the way to living your dreams but know that you can achieve whatever you want to (within religious limits ofcourse). Just make lots of du’a. Be yourself. Believe in yourself. Push yourself. Don’t compromise your deen. Pay no mind to naysayers. Be humble. Be smart, and be ready to make sacrifices.


Thanks for sharing your beautiful story with us Umm Hurayrah.

Again we’re inspired by your example that the veil is not an hindrance to achieving a set goal. It only takes determination and reliance on Allah. We’re convinced once again that the veil is not a sign of backwardness nor ignorance nor mental incompetence but who a woman is spiritually.

Thank you for showing us that a Muslimah can be a stay home mom who homeschool her kids and still be an inspiration by dishing out her knowledge through the pen.

You inspire us with your writings. The pen is indeed a sword and we’re grateful for the positive impact you’re making through the pen. May Allah continue to increase you in beneficial knowledge. May He uphold your home and ease your affairs at all times. And Jannah is where I pray your last abode be. Jazakillahu khairan keziran.


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