TRIALS, TEARS AND TRIUMPH [Triple T] Episode Thirteen



Episode Thirteen [By popular demand]

…….And there came the new wife! Taofeeq and his mom returned late on that Saturday evening with the new wife and her two sisters. Before their arrival, Enitan had cried gallons of tears and had already dried her tears. She realized a need to talk to someone so she called Jamilah and explained her ordeals to her in tears.

Jamilah sympathized with her then urged her to take heart, be calm and put her trust in Allah alone. Jamilah also advised her to be prayerful as there is no despondency that Allah cannot ease. By the time the new wife arrived in the evening, Enitan had braced up, cheered up a little and ready to accept the new wife. She thought waging a war would only compound her problem and decided to be strong as being strong was the only option she had.

She was in her room when they arrived, she carried her baby and proceeded to the living room to welcome them. Desola and Taofeeq were not in sight, probably in the room while mama and Desola’s sisters were sitting on the couch. Enitan greeted them upon her entering the living room.

“You’re welcome ma……………you’re welcome my sisters.” Enitan greeted mama and Desola’s sisters but mama gave a sarcastic reply.

“Even if you don’t welcome us, we’re welcomed already. It’s a great feeling to finally have someone who has a family as a wife in this house, as opposed some people who fell from heaven without a family to associate with.” Mama replied sarcastically while Enitan shrugged the insult off and asked them what they’ll like to eat.

“Have you forgotten we were coming from our own ceremony? We brought enough food that’ll sustain us for days so we don’t need your food.” Mama said sharply while Enitan answered with a yes ma and left for her room.

She got to her room and sat weakly on the bed. She couldn’t control the tears. Mama couldn’t even spare her in the presence of Desola’s sisters. When will all this maltreatment from both mother and son come to an end? She thought as she wept bitterly.

That night, she tossed and turned on her lonely bed. She looked at Taofeeq’s side of the bed and imagined him sleeping. Although he’d been emotionally away from her for a long time but she still saw his physical being on the bed everyday which gave her some hope that things would get better. But now that another wife is in his life, what would be her place in his heart? She soliloquized with hot tears.

She had several disturbing thoughts on her mind which prevented her from sleeping. She continued sighing deeply till a long time before she finally fell asleep.

The following morning which was Sunday, she had swollen eyes as a result of the tears from the previous night. She sluggishly got out of bed, prayed and then proceeded to the kitchen to get breakfast ready. She made jollof rice with fried plantain and before 7:00am, breakfast was done. She then returned to her room to do some washing and cleaning after which she returned to the living room not for anything but just to see Taofeeq but he was still out of sight.

She sat on the couch in the living room and just then mama came out of her room, Enitan greeted and she replied unpleasantly and went straight to the kitchen. She saw her came out with trays of food and then walked into Desola’s room. Enitan heaved a sigh and thought she had done something wrong by not serving the new couple herself. She wanted to do that but she was afraid to go knock on their door. Since they hadn’t come out of the room since the previous day, she felt it would be impolite to go knock on their door. She was just being careful not to incur anyone’s wrath.

She returned to her room and expected Taofeeq to come see her but she didn’t see his green light. She had to give him excuses of being busy with the new wife to reduce her worry. At about 12:00pm that day, she heard the sound of the car, peeped out and saw Taofeeq, Desola and his two sisters that escorted her the previous day going out. She wanted to rush out to go greet them but stayed back on the second thought. She felt terribly hurt but she remained calm.

She expected them to be back by evening but they didn’t until ten days later. Enitan put a call through to Taofeeq when they didn’t arrive that Sunday but he simply told her they travelled for honeymoon. She decided not to call henceforth so as not to appear jealous or disturb their honeymoon.

Then she started counting days. She was alone in the house with her baby and mama and it was a tug of war. Mama would insult her in parables and sing mockery song around the house just to hurt her. She decided to ignore her but when she couldn’t bear the trauma again, she started begging mama to have mercy on her and forgive any sins she might have committed against her.

“You should be ashamed to ask me for forgiveness. I implored you to speak to your husband about marrying Desola but you refused simply because you wanted to cage my son but God is greater than you. My son is now free from your shackles and it’s really a big shame on you as your effort to destroy my son is now futile. Don’t beg me again o because I can’t help you. Allow me enjoy my son’s new wife in peace.” With this mama left her with mouth agape and walked into the bedroom.

She stood still on the spot while the tears poured effortlessly. She heard her baby’s cry and rushed into her bedroom. She just had to be strong for baby Fawzaan, she thought as she fed her baby in tears.

When it was exactly seven days since Taofeeq travelled with Desola, Enitan called him again but he didn’t pick. She was worried because if he truly wanted to adhere to the sunnah, seven days is for a new virgin bride after which equal allocation of the day and night would begin. The new couple didn’t return until ten days after and Enitan expected Taofeeq to come to her upon his return but he didn’t.

Enitan was beginning to feel the blow of the injustice more so when Taofeeq didn’t visit her room several weeks after he married Desola. He was always spending the day and night with Desola and would never visit her room, not even for once. He wouldn’t eat her food either but that of Desola everyday. He would tell his mum to bring Fawzaan for him whenever he missed the boy and then Mama would return him to Enitan after Taofeeq was done bonding with him.

She tried to call Taofeeq to order and register her displeasure but he didn’t even give her audience at all. She couldn’t just comprehend the trials that befell her. She had cried enough and the trouble was beginning to have effect on her psychological well being. It started from lack of sleep and then incessant headache. When paracetamol could no longer cure her headache, she visited the hospital and a body examination revealed a high BP.

“Madam what are you thinking?” The doctor asked her and she replied with nothing.

“I can’t believe nothing is wrong with this your worried and bitter expression. It’s okay if you don’t want to share the problem but please take it easy. Whatever you’re passing through is a phase that’ll pass. Try and occupy your mind with happy thoughts and engage your hands so that your mind will be free from worry and anxiety.” The doctor advised while Enitan thanked him and left.

By this period, Fawzaan was already 18months and Taofeeq married Desola when Fawzaan was just eleven months and since then she’d been abandoned, physically, emotionally and intimately. She had tried to talk to him severally but a lot of times she wasn’t given attention. And on the few occasions that he gave her attention, she begged him to forgive any wrong she might have committed.

“Taofeeq why have you abandoned me? Where exactly do I stand in this marriage? Please forgive me if I have done anything wrong.” She pleaded in tears.

“I don’t have time for your endless nagging………………please excuse me.” He said and made to leave but she held his hands.

“Taofeeq please don’t leave me. Please forgive me if I have wronged you……………okay…..okay….what do I need to do to get my husband back. What do I need to do to please you? I’ll do anything you want me to do please have mercy on me.” She pleaded for the umpteenth time.

“You don’t need to do anything, you are only crying after split milk. When you were supposed to do something, you didn’t. It’s too late my dear.” He replied meanly.

“What do you mean its too late? Don’t worry I’ll do anything. If you want me to resign now I will, please don’t do this to me…………………..She was saying but he snatched his hands from her hold, hissed and walked away.

She threw herself on the floor and cried profusely. She was still crying when an idea crossed her mind. She decided to talk to Desola and after making sure mama wasn’t at home, she summoned Desola for a discussion. Enitan narrated to Desola how Taofeeq had abandoned her since he married her and how she’d been battling with emotional trauma. After she finished narrating her ordeal to Desola, Desola asked her how she’d supposed to help.

“I want you to talk to him if he’ll listen to you. I want us to come together as a family to help the situation, not because of me alone but because of you and Taofeeq himself. It was narrated by Abu Hurayrah that the prophet saw said ‘whoever has two wives and favors one of them over the other, will come on the day of Resurrection with one of his sides leaning’ Let’s help this man by coming together to forbid evil. I know……………” Enitan was trying to say but Desola interrupted her sharply.

“Please don’t bring your frustration to my side. Am I the one preventing our husband from coming to you? If he has abandoned you then you need to check yourself to know what you’ve done wrong. Please don’t put the blame on me.” Desola snapped.

“I am not putting blame on you, I was just saying that we should help him do justice…………..”

“Eh hold it there! What justice are you talking about? So you know how it feels to be rejected right? When you were preventing your husband from looking at me, you don’t know that the table could turn anytime. Now that the table has turned in my favour, you want to die right? Your headache has just started. He abandoned you simply because I’m prettier, hotter, sexier, and better than you in all ramifications. So let me also enjoy him the way you’ve hoarded him to yourself all these years. I have taken over and there’s nothing you can do about it. He’s mine now and you can hug the transformer for all I care. The earlier you realized that you are a loser, the better for you. ” Desola taunted while rolling her eyes at her.

“Really? You don’t even care about his akhirah? I know I am better than you in terms of beauty, elegance and charisma but I won’t argue with a dumb skull like you. You are older and I expect you to be wiser but age is just a number, it doesn’t determine wisdom. Don’t worry, Allah is never asleep, He’ll surely take my right for me because I didn’t allocate my time to you. And I allowed you have my husband not that I gave you totally. Allah will help me touch Taofeeq’s heart because I’m really after his well being in this life and the next. Continue accruing sin and by the time Allah’s judgment comes, I hope you can bear His punishment.” Enitan said and mama walked in at that exact moment.

“Are you cursing her that Allah will punish her?” Mama charged at Enitan and Desola replied sharply.

“Yes ma, she’s been abusing, insulting and cursing me since you left. In fact she almost beat me up.” Desola informed falsely.

“Is that so? You daughter of a nobody will never accept defeat. You want to persecute her the way you always persecute my son. You have no right to curse her and may every curse you lay on her be yours in manifold.” Mama retorted while Desola replied with a resounding Aamin.

“Don’t mind her, no amount of her curse will shake us. We are like a rock, anyone who attempt to break us will end up breaking himself. Loser o o o, loser, loser o o o, loser, Enitan you don lose o, loser, patata you go lose forever loser.” Mama sang mockingly while Desola joined her and they both sang till they entered their different rooms.

The pains was unbearable, the tears could not stop flowing. Her heart was thumping loudly in her chest, and her head was pounding heavily. She broke down and was sick for days. No one to console her, life dealt a terrible blow on her.

She wanted to leave the marriage when she couldn’t bear the pains and rejection but she held on to the rope of hope while praying to Allah to touch his heart. She had resorted to prayers amidst hot tears and agony, morning, afternoon and night. The pain was unbearable but she kept consoling herself with the love they’ve once shared and would still share if things got better. She’s got no one to run to, she’s got no family. The only friend she had was Jamilah and Jamilah and her husband had tried their best to redeem the situation to no avail.

She couldn’t understand why she held on to the marriage when she had only one child but leaving him seemed impossible even when he treated her like crap. She held on to the marriage while watching his captivating smile from afar and consoled herself that the smile would still be in her favor.

One hot afternoon, Enitan returned from work and as she stepped into the house, there was a hurly distraction. As she moved nearer to her room, she heard a distress noise coming from Desola’s room which was directly beside hers. No one was home and her timely intervention saved Desola’s life. She rushed into Desola’s room and met her in the pool of her blood. Desola was crying loudly while writhing in pains. Being an experienced mom, Enitan knew it was a miscarriage. She looked around and saw no one then she rushed out to the next house to summon a neighbor.

Desola was taken to the hospital in the neighbor’s car and Enitan paid for her treatment from her own purse before calling Taofeeq. Taofeeq arrived at a later time and Enitan explained in detail how she met her in a pool of blood upon her arrival. Taofeeq thanked her and then for the first time after his marriage to Desola, he looked at her with some affection all he saw was a Niobe. He realized she had become so thin with sadness written all over her face.

The Enitan he knew had always had so much brightness on her face despite being a lonely child but the Enitan he was seeing now was gloomy with bitter eyes. He kept looking at her and then suddenly started having a pricking conscience. He knew he had hurt her so much because he couldn’t feel the aura of happiness that always radiated through her pretty face.

He couldn’t stop looking at her and then Enitan turned to ask him something about Desola when he caught his eyes on her. She felt uneasy with those eyes of his that were full of sorry for her. She got up and announced her intention to leave. He smiled and complimented her.

“Thank you so much Enitan, I really appreciate your selflessness and huge display of love. Yes you can leave now I’ll stay with her till my mum arrives.” Taofeeq said and Enitan took her exit.

She wanted to exit the hospital when she saw her mom in law rushed in and straight to the receptionist. She wanted to wait and tell her where Desola is but on the second thought, decided to leave. The receptionist would help her, she thought and went home.

That evening around 8:50pm, Enitan was already laying on her bed when there was a knock on the door. She asked who the person his and Taofeeq’s voice was what she heard. She hissed and didn’t respond. When Taofeeq didn’t hear her response, he opened the door and sauntered in. She hissed again upon seeing him and turned her back at him.

He sat beside her on the bed and made an attempt to touch her but she flung his hand away.

“What do you want?” She snapped.

“What do you mean by that? Can’t I come to my wife again?” He asked with guilt and Enitan smiled wryly before responding.

“Wife?” She asked with a challenge tone and he couldn’t respond.

“So now that the rain fell and drenched your new cloth, you suddenly remember you have an old and abandoned cloth? Now that Desola is away in the hospital, you suddenly remember you have Enitan whom you’ve turned into an abandoned wife for the past seven months. Seven months Taofeeq! Seven whole months!! Seven good months!!!” Enitan reiterated sharply while he was dumb and she continued.

“Sometimes I wonder why I allowed you treat me like a trash when I can simply take my exit. Taofeeq shame on you because your behavior is contrary to that of a Muslim. I don’t want to believe Desola instigated you against me and I don’t want to believe its mama’s handwork. You deliberately wish to torture me because you’re wicked like that. A good Muslim man will not marry a new wife and then abandon the first wife. I don’t know how I got the strength and patience to bear this injustice but I’m dying. Taofeeq you’re killing me. I have BP which the doctor fears might lead to hypertension if care is not taken. Why are you being unfair to me? Why are you torturing me? What happened to the man I married? Don’t you have human feelings at all? Don’t you care about my emotional well being? Why are you so wicked, heartless and inhumane? I don’t understand why I’m still staying in this marriage but I know I’ll be free one day. I won’t be held in captive by a wicked son and his cruel mother for life. I shall be free and liberated from this sufferness. I know I will biithnilah.” Enitan poured out with excruciating pains but all he could say was sorry.

“I am sorry…I am deeply sorry.” He said with remorse.

“That is what you’ve always said Taofeeq and I am tired of hearing that. You seriously have a problem which must be checked. Or is someone hypnotizing you against me because this is not the monster I fell in love with. I fell in love with a sweet Taofeeq and this callous man right here in front of me is not him at all.” Enitan said with rage while he held her hands.

“Please I’m sorry, forgive me.”

“You’re sorry? I should forgive you? No I can’t forgive you. If you can’t tell me why you’ve being maltreating me all this while then you don’t deserve my forgiveness.” She said while shaking her head and at the same time snatched her hand away from his.

“Actually I don’t know what came over me. I don’t mean to be mean to you. I’ll make it up to you.”

“This is not about me alone but about you as well. Don’t you fear jahannam? Do you wish to be raised by Allah with one side leaning? Do you not fear the curse of someone an injustice is done to? Why do you claim to be a Muslim when your behavior is contrary to what Islam teaches? Don’t you care about me at all? Look I want a divorce. Give me a divorce and let me go. I can’t bear this any longer.” She said amidst tears.

“I’m sorry Enitan please don’t leave me…………………..”

“What do you mean I shouldn’t leave you? Is it until I breath my last due to incessant worry and depression? Please release me and let me go. I’m tired of being an abandoned wife. I’m tired of holding on to debris. I’m tired of living with a monster.” She said while rolling her eyes at him.

“Please give me a second chance. I promise to change…………..”

“No you can’t change, you’re remorseful because Desola isn’t home, once she gets back, I’ll resume my abandoned position. Please I’m tired of your lies and deceit.”

Enitan poured out her pains and he wasn’t tired of saying sorry and making a promise to change and treat her with goodness henceforth. He convinced her of a brighter tomorrow and because she wanted her man back, she believed him and gave her heart back to him. She not only gave her heart back to him, she gave him her body after several months and a baby girl was conceived.

Desola was discharged from the hospital days later and fair allocation of day and night started. It seemed Taofeeq really worked hard to change and he was fair to both parties. He made it up to Enitan as he promised and tried his best to be good to her.

While Enitan was glowing with a baby bump, Desola suffered a second miscarriage and then the third and when the third miscarriage occurs, mama and Desola turned around to blame Enitan, they accused her of black magic which left her in awe.

“I am very innocent of what you’ve accused me of. All my life I have known Allah without worshipping anything with him. I don’t have any power to cause a miscarriage. May Allah grant your heart desires and give you the one that’ll stay.” Enitan prayed and Mama quickly covered Desola’s mouth.

“Please don’t say Aamin to her prayers. That prayer is a curse in disguise.” Mama said to Desola and then turned to Enitan.

“Enitan you’re evil. Do you remember you cursed her that Allah’s punishment will be on her? You surely have a hand in this and Allah will expose you.” Mama shouted.

“For the records, I didn’t curse her. I only reminded her that Allah’s punishment is real and if she would be able to stand it when it comes. And no problem, may Allah expose the evil doer who’s behind this and that’s if there’s any.” Enitan said and walked away with a shrug while mama shouted and Desola cried but Enitan didn’t look back.

Months later, Enitan was delivered of a baby girl whom was named Faatimah. She knew she was surrounded by evil eyes and enemies in disguise of family so she shielded her children with prayers and adhkar.

Mama’s trouble persisted especially when the wife she planted in suffered several miscarriages. She waged war against Enitan and the heat of the war was becoming unbearable. Taofeeq wasn’t a perfect man either, the monster in him always take a better part of him a lot of times. Whenever his mother puts pressure on him, Enitan would know because his attitude would change towards her. Mama refused to leave their house and there she was for a long time.

The issue of battery continued and occurred twice after the birth of Faatimah. Now Enitan had two luggages on her hands and leaving seemed not to cross her mind again unlike when her hands were empty, and more reason why she held on to debris. Taofeeq was a short tempered man who boils with rage with little provocation and the second wife wasn’t spared as well. Desola wasn’t spared from his battery, hers was just minimal because she had the full support of mama. Enitan thought of enduring the heat, if not for anything but for her children.

Days rolled into weeks and weeks into months, then the little Fawzaan of yesterday was now four years, and his sister Faatimah two years. Desola had not had a child. After suffering several miscarriages, she wasn’t conceiving again and she and mama couldn’t stop blaming Enitan for her predicament. Enitan had told them severally that she wasn’t responsible but they believed her not. By this time she was already through with her degree scholarship program and elevated at work.

One day, Haleemah, Enitan’s half sister visited her. It was a Saturday so the whole family was home. Halimah and Enitan were in the living room discussing, mama and Desola were also sitting in the living room, Halimah needed to tell Enitan something confidential and they both had to step out so that mama and Desola wouldn’t listen.

After they stepped out, little Fawzaan was playing with Halimah’s handbag when he saw a coke bottle with black content in it. The little boy happily picked it up, opened it and down his throat it went. He dropped the bottle on the floor and went away to play. When Halimah and Enitan returned to the living room, Halimah noticed the empty bottle on the floor and picked it up. She was worried as to why the bottle was empty. She checked the floor to see if the content poured on the floor but didn’t see anything.

Mama noticed her worriedness and told her it was Fawzaan that drank her coke, and Halimah exclaimed immediately.

“Subhanallah!!!” Halimah exclaimed while clasping her hand on her head.

“What is it?” Enitan and Mama asked with a chorus

“That wasn’t a coke but a shampoo! I got it from my friend who poured in a coke bottle for me.” Halimah exclaimed and mama screamed.

“They have come to kill my grandchild ooooo.” Mama screamed which alerted Taofeeq who was in the room.

Enitan and Halimah quickly went in search of the boy and they met him at the back of the house gasping for breath. Enitan was scared, she quickly picked him up with apprehension and was hurrying outside when Taofeeq emerged. Mama must have told him what went wrong because immediately he sighted Enitan with the boy, he gave her two hot slaps before collecting the boy from her.

He ran to the car while everyone followed him. He allowed mama and Desola into the car while he pushed Enitan and Halimah away, then drove ruthlessly out of the compound and straight to the hospital.

Enitan knew he would take him no where other than the family hospital so she took a taxi with Halimah and off they went. Throughout their journey to the hospital, the two sisters wept bitterly while Halimah was saying sorry countlessly.


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  1. Lovely stories, u inspire me. pls update soon and thank u for making me a better Muslim, have read all your stories and they are amazing

  2. Lovely stories, u inspire me.pls, update soon. Thank u for making me a better Muslim. I have read all your stories and they are amazing. Brakalahu feeqi

  3. Ma’am please don’t keep us waiting please.I’m in love with your stories,though just got to know about lajfinger through tears,trials and triumph. And I have started reading your 2018 stories n they’re superb,keep it up ma’am.

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