TRIALS, TEARS AND TRIUMPH [Triple T] Episode Eighteen



Episode Eighteen

Mahmud took Enitan to his parents and they received her with open arms. She was convinced they were good people but still had her doubt. She told her family about her intention to remarry and they were all happy for her. Her father’s elder brother, the one that was immediately behind her late uncle gave her in marriage to Mahmud Giwa and thus Enitan and Mahmud became husband and wife in a very private ceremony.

Mahmud took one month break off work while Enitan did the same. He had planned a vacation in the UK and his wedding night came at the right time. The night of their wedding, he took Enitan away from home while her kids were with his parents. They actually left immediately after the small ceremony and they spent the night in the UK. Mahmud’s parents not only accepted Enitan, they accepted her kids too and were good to them so on the night of the couple’s wedding, they took the kids in while Enitan was away with their son.

Enitan was a little apprehensive of this first night with Mahmud. She remembered vividly what happened on her first night with Taofeeq and she shuddered in fear. But to her astonishment, Mahmud rubbed the scar with his palm gently and told her it was beautiful. He kissed her scar and told her it wasn’t horrible. Enitan stared strangely at him and he laughed out when he noticed her countenance.

“You exaggerated you know! This is far from being horrible, it’s beautiful. Haneefah you’re beautiful and I love you. I love your scar because it only depicts your strength and not weakness. You look so ravishing and you don’t look like a mother of two at all. You have a perfect body and a beautiful skin. I sure have eyes for good things. The day your daughter clung tightly to me was the day I made up my mind to be part of your life. Though you made me waited for so long but the wait was worth it. Thank you for marrying me.” He said and bent to kiss her.

She cried and he kissed away her tears. He kissed her necks gently and unto her face he puts his mouth. Then his lips locked with hers again and he kissed her mouth deeply. They both wanted each other. The wait was worth it and they found solace in each other. He handled her so gently and with extreme love. It was a beautiful and pleasant first night. The memory lingers and the happiness was lit.

The next morning, he kept smiling and humming around the house like a singing bird. She asked why he was so happy and he whispered in her eyes.

“I’m so happy because Allah answered my prayers. Haneefah you are the answer to my prayers and I love you so much.”

“I love you too my prince and I pray this love never dies…………by the way, why do you love to address me as Haneefah and not Enitan?” Enitan asked eagerly awaiting his response.

“Because I love the former and not really comfortable with the latter. Enitan means person of history, and that history is almost always a bad one. Didn’t you say you were given that name because your mother passed away immediately after she had you? It’s about time we forget about that bad history that recalls through your name. I don’t wish to call you that name, if I don’t call you MINE, I’ll call you Haneefah.” Mahmud said while Enitan hugged him tightly.

“Oh that’s very thoughtful of you. Do you know I didn’t read any meaning to that name, even though people always ask me the history behind my name whenever I tell them I bear ENITAN, I never thought it was because my name recalls history. I agree with you, let’s drop the name now so that we’ll stop recalling a bad history. May my mom’s soul rest in peace, and may my dad’s soul find repose with Allah. Thank you MINE. I shall call you MINE too and I wish you’re MINE forever.” Haneefah said while hugging him so tightly.

“I wish you’re MINE forever too.” He said and planted a wet kiss on her forehead.

They spent the next one month in the UK. Their love blossomed and it was though Haneefah was dreaming. Her life had never been this sweet. No one had ever treated her so honorably like Mahmud does. He made her feel like a queen and her self esteem was boosted. He showered her with love and affection and she couldn’t stop being amazed. They loved up everyday and they grew so fond of each other.

They returned to Nigeria after spending one beautiful month in the UK and the week that followed their return, Haneefah fell ill. She was having high temperature, she couldn’t eat and she threw up and became weak. Mahmud took her to the hospital and some test was carried out. They were both seated in the doctor’s office when the lab scientist brought in the result.

The doctor was Mahmud’s childhood friend who knew his medical history. He opened the result and translated it to the couple. He stretched his hand to Mahmud for a handshake while giving him the information.

“Congratulations Mahmud, your wife is five weeks pregnant.” The doctor announced and Mahmud told him to come again.

“I said your wife is five weeks pregnant.” The doctor repeated.

“No no, have you forgotten I have a low sperm count?” Mahmud marveled.

“I am shocked as well but what is impossible for Allah to do? Nothing my dear friend!!” The doctor opined and this time Haneefah cuts in.

“Wait a minute MINE, I hope you’re not insinuating that the baby is not yours?” Haneefah asked with a shaky voice.

“No MINE, I wouldn’t dare accuse you of infidelity. I am just shocked. I mean I’m in awe of Allah’s greatness. The test I did last still confirms me not able. I am surprised. Haneefah please don’t be crossed with me.” He said while scooping her into his embrace.

“Allah is the greatest, who are we doctors when Allah is ready to do his work. Yah zuljalal wal ikram. He gives male to whom he wishes, he gives female to whom he wishes, he mixes both for whom he wishes and he renders whom he wishes barren. He is Allah, the Lord of the majestic throne. Mahmud my friend, I rejoice with you today as Allah erases you from those he wishes to render barren. Baarakallah feek brother, I am so happy for you.” The doctor felicitated with Mahmud who clung tightly to his wife while they both cried.

The doctor went out of his office to give the couple a lone moment. They both didn’t stop crying for a long time. They clung unto each other while they let out the tears. The tears poured out effortlessly while they were both occupied with different thoughts.

Haneefah was scared that Mahmud’s reaction insinuated that the baby might not be his. They’ve been married for only five weeks and the doctor said she’s five weeks pregnant which simply means that she might have conceived on the first night. She hadn’t known any man since she married him so why would he had a doubt? On the second thought, she gave him excuses because of his condition, anyone who had walked in his shoes will be surprised to hear the news of a pregnancy. She however decided to convince him that the baby is his in case he still doubted it.

Mahmud on the other hand didn’t really doubted his wife’s faithfulness. After all, the doctor confirmed she was five weeks pregnant, and they’ve been married for five weeks exactly which made the probability of conception on the first night very high. During the five weeks of their marriage, they’ve been away for four weeks so who on earth could have impregnated her if not him. He was just scared too because of what happened in his last marriage. Neemah was impregnated by her ex husband and she led him on till the birth of the baby revealed he wasn’t the father. He loved and trusted Haneefah so much and didn’t doubted her, he was just in awe of Allah’s greatness and how quickly he turned his infertility to fertile. He said Alhamdulilah a countless time and even fell on prostration to say sajdah shukr.

The couple after crying so well got a grip on themselves and left for home. Mahmud decided to assure Enitan that he didn’t doubt her. After they got home, he held her hands in his and spoke gently to her.

“MINE, thank you for carrying my child and I am sorry if it looked like I doubted your faithfulness. I was just in awe of Allah’s greatness. He’s such a merciful God. I know there’s something special about you and that was why I held unto you for over a year. I’m so blessed for having you. Thank you for being the answer to my prayers. I bless the day our path crossed and I promised to cherish you till the end of time…………………….wawuuuuuu, I’m going to become a father! I am going to become a father!! I am going to become a father!!!” He repeated excitedly while beating his chest in utter disbelief.

Enitan watched with smiles as he paced up and down the room while saying he’ll soon become a father in excitement. He was so happy that he couldn’t keep calm. The joy of becoming a father soon intoxicated him so much that he couldn’t stop talking about it. Haneefah had to tell him to take it easy, and rejoice solemnly.

The days that followed saw Mahmud treating Haneefah like an egg. Even when he hadn’t learnt of the pregnancy, he treated her so honourably that the angels in heaven applauded him. After he got to know of her preganancy, he intensified his goodness towards her. He treated her like a piece of glass that should be handled with utmost care. He showered so much love and affection on her and just like a fragile vessel, he was mild to her.

He didn’t inform his parents about the pregnancy and his mom got to know when he visited them. The first thing that crossed his mom’s heart was the experience they had with Neemah. She couldn’t keep quiet so she asked Mahmud if he trusted his wife to which he answered ‘100%’ with a radiating smile.

The woman wasn’t satisfied so she stylishly began to ask Enitan questions.

“It seems Fawzaan missed his dad so much, when last have you seen him?” Mahmud’s mother asked Haneefah diplomatically and without suspecting anything, she answered sincerely.

“It’s been long I saw him last. I haven’t set my eyes on him since I married MINE.” Haneefah replied and the woman heaved a sigh of relief. She sighed that it wasn’t her ex but she was still doubtful.

Haneefah didn’t suspect mama’s doubt. She wasn’t aware Mahmud’s last wife was unfaithful to the extent of bringing in a bastard. All she knew was that his wives left him because of his infertility. She wasn’t aware of an untold story. Maybe if she was, she would have understood mama’s doubt.


Mahmud hired more servants to tend to her needs and didn’t allow her go through any stress. He stopped her from going to work more so when the pregnancy was complicated. She was carrying multiple and the pregnancy wasn’t so easy for her. She fell ill every now and then and was in and out of the hospital. Even her kids stayed with her parents in laws because she was too sickly to care for them.

Mahmud was all care and she loved her and cared for her like never before. Enitan couldn’t stop asking where he was all the while she was searching for a soulmate.

“Where were you hiding when I was unfortunate to marry Taofeeq. It could have been you and I would have experienced this paradise a long time ago.” She said with emotions.

“Marrying your ex was part of your Qadar and your journey in life, and because I have been destined to be part of your Qadar and your journey as well, you met me and here we are. Please don’t look back again. When you’re racing in life, you don’t look back at the obstacles you left behind. You rather focus on your present journey and how to make the most out of it. You have me now and that’s all that matters. We have each other and that should be our utmost happiness. In a couple of months, we’ll behold our bundle of joy and I really can’t wait. Haneefah you complete me, you made me whole. Allah made you the answer to my prayers and I shall forever love and cherish you. I love you so much, I can’t explain.” He assured her.

“I love you too and sometimes I asked myself if I deserve a good man like you. Thank you for erasing my bad memories. Thank you for being so good to me. Thank you for making me smile always. May Allah put beautiful smiles on your face all the days of your life.” She prayed heartily while he responded with a resounding Aamin.

He scooped her into his embrace and planted a kiss on her lips. He whispered sweet words into her ears while she laughed out.

That night, Mahmud was fast asleep beside her while she watches him with great admiration. She couldn’t believe not all men are scum. There are still good men and Mahmud here is a proof of that. The six months of being married to him had been the best times of her life. He gave her nothing but joy. He gave her no reason to cry and he never treated her with scorn.

He understands her mood swing and made her imperfections seem perfect. He was just a perfect gentleman with impeccable character. The only regret she had was not marrying him the very first day he proposed. If she had known her joy is tied to him she would have threw herself at him that first day but all well and good, she had him now and wouldn’t let go for life.

One man’s poison is indeed another man’s food, she thought. Nothing has changed in her, it was still the same her Taofeeq treated with disdain and later rejected that Mahmud here is treating with love, mercy, compassion and honorably and never willing to let go. It is really correct when people say that its not good to allow people determine your worth because if some people reject you, you might just be the answer to some people’s prayers so don’t hold on to debris thinking you can’t find something better if you let go. Don’t belittle yourself because some people are desperately in need of the good you which some people threw away.

She really learnt a life lesson from her previous marriage: Don’t run after destruction and don’t expect your wounds to heal in places you feel unwanted. You’re not worthless, only that you need to take a step away from your present location in order to meet people who will appreciate your worth. Home is not where you feel low and unaccepted, home is where you’re loved, wanted and cherish. This is home and love lives here, she thought while her eyes were still fixed on Mahmud. He suddenly opened his eyes and caught her staring at him.

“Why are you looking at me with so much love?” He asked with smiles.

“Because it is what it is, I love you.” She replied with emotions.

“And I love you more. Come on let us sleep.” He said and drew her to him. She rested her head comfortably on his chest while she recited her favorite line again. This is home and love lives here.

Haneefah had also caught Mahmud severally stealing a look at her. He couldn’t just stop looking at her. He looked at her with love filled eyes. He looked at her like a miracle. She was indeed his miracle because she was the answer to his prayers. How could he love and admire her less.

Then three months later, Allah showered his gifts unto them, not one, not two but three beautiful baby boys. Mahmud wanted to run mad with excitement. Triplets just for him? He couldn’t curtail the joy that oozes out of him. The babies were his striking resemblance and he couldn’t have enough of them. He stared at their tiny body and held their tiny hands in his with a burning sensation of excitement. He was overwhelmed with joy. He was crazy with happiness. He was giddy with emotion and after a while he burst into tears.

“I can’t believe I am now a father. Allah gave me not one, not two but three all at once. Oh thank you Allah. Thank you the almighty God who never sleeps nor slumber. Thank you for the gift of these children. Thank you for counting me worthy of becoming a father.” He repeated with excitement while Enitan watched him with smiles.

Mahmud’s parents came some hours later and they couldn’t curtail their joy as well. The doubt Mahmud’s mother ealier had disappeared after she saw the babies. Even a blind man could see perfectly that the babies were a complete replica of Mahmud.

Both Mahmud’s parents thanked Allah immensely and they couldn’t stop thanking Haneefah. They hugged her tightly and Mahmud’s father couldn’t hide his joy.

“Thank you Haneefah for through you my lineage is not wiped out. The birth of these triplets is the beginning of the continuity of my lineage and I can’t thank you less.” Mahmud’s father appreciated.

“Let us thank Allah and not me sir.” Haneefah replied weakly.

“We have already thanked Allah my dear and we should thank you too because Allah made you the answer to our prayers. Need I remind you that Mahmud is my only son, and you really don’t know how happy I am that my lineage is not wiped out.” Father in law replied with excitement while mother in law cuts in.

“You don’t know your worth in our sight Haneefah. We love you for bringing joy unto our household and we shall cherish you forever. I and my husband have decided to give you five million naira to start with and you’ll continue to enjoy like the queen that you are.” Mom in law said with so much joy.

“Five million naira is too much ma.” Haneefah said

“It’s nothing compared to the joy Allah gave us through you.” Parents in law chorused and this time Mahmud walked in and his father ran to embrace him.

“Congratulations my son! You’re a true son of your father.” Father in law said while hugging Mahmud so tightly.

“Can you see that the babies look so much like me?” Mahmud boasted.

“Of course, you vomited them out.” His mother replied and they all laughed excitedly.


Some days later, Haneefah was discharged with the Giwa babies and Mahmud took them home. After she returned home, visitors trooped in and out of their house to felicitate with them.

The news of Haneefah’s triplets flies far away and it got to the ear of Taofeeq. One evening, he was relaxing in his living room with his wife Desola, his mum and one of his older brother who came to pay him a visit when he received Hassan’s call. Hassan was Jamilah’s husband who tried his best to make peace between Taofeeq and Enitan of which Taofeeq was bent on throwing Enitan out. Hassan still gets in touch with Taofeeq and that evening, he called him just informally and along the line, he broke the news of Enitan’s delivery of triplet to him and he was dazed.

He ended the call immediately and started hissing and talking to himself. His family was worried and his mother was the first person to ask what the problem was.

“Please don’t query me at all.” Taofeeq snapped at his mother and then continued to speak angrily to her. “You made me chase away a fertile woman and imposed a barren on me. You forcefully made me marry Desola against my wish and made me treated Enitan with so much scorn till I finally chased her out. Now she has triplet for another man and here I am still battling with an infertile woman whose womb cannot carry a baby due to her past record of numerous abortion.” Taofeeq retorted angrily and his mother charged at him.

“Don’t blame me at all. You came to me that you wanted to punish Enitan because she’s arrogant and wouldn’t resign her job and sought for my advice. I advised you to marry Desola and how is that my fault. How am I supposed to know that her womb is damaged due to numerous abortion?” Mama said and at this juncture Desola burst into tears and spoke to defend herself.

“I have never done abortion in my life………………………………” Desola said with teary eyes but both mother and son interrupted her.

“Shut up your mouth!!” Taofeeq and his mother chorused with a roar and Desola kept quiet out of fear but continue sobbing quietly.

“If it’s true that you haven’t aborted before, how come your womb cannot carry a baby without having a miscarriage? Have you forgotten that the doctor said that your womb is weak and cannot hold a baby? What could have caused that if not abortion?” Taofeeq roared at Desola and then turned to his mother. “Mummy I blame you for all my problems. Instead of guiding me right, you misled me and now I am childless despite the fact that I have two kids. You didn’t do well at all mummy and I am not proud to call you my mother. I think I will have to forcefully collect my children from Enitan.” Taofeeq said angrily while his mother was speechless and Desola continued weeping bitterly.

His elder brother who had been silent all the while cleared his throat to speak. He turned to Taofeeq and called him three times, when their gazes locked, he spoke.

“Taofeeq there is no other person to blame for your predicament other than yourself. You got married at the age of 27, an age of high reasoning and maturity but age they say is not maturity. You allowed mummy rule your home while you behaved like a weakling. Blame yourself because you weren’t man enough. If you had wanted to act wisely, you wouldn’t listen to everything mum tells you. You divulge your marital secrets to mum and then you always acted upon her instructions like some kindergarten pupil who needs his mother’s assistance before deficating. You chased away a good woman despite my warnings and now you are regretting your action not because she’s no longer yours but because she has triplets for another man. You haven’t learnt your lesson and you still have a long way to go. And did I hear you say you’ll go collect your children forcefully from her? After the court gave her custody of the kids? You dare not! Have you forgotten her new husband is a lawyer, not an ordinary lawyer, a judge of the federal republic of Nigeria. I won’t hesitate to wave at you on your way to jail.” Taofeeq’s brother warned and then turned to their mother.

“Mummy, it’s high time you returned to your husband’s house. You have done more harm than good in Taofeeq’s life and if you don’t want to destroy his life completely, please leave him to run his home the way he desires. Do not interfare in his affairs anymore. Don’t help him to chase Desola away the way you hypnotized him to chase Enitan away. Leave now when the ovation is still loud before you are dishonored with a shameful evacuation. Don’t allow Taofeeq chase you away with a cutlass before you take your exit. That’s my advice for you.” Taofeeq’s brother concluded and then rested his back on the chair. Desola quickly ran to him and begged him to beg Taofeeq on her behalf.

“Please sir, help me beg him. I haven’t done abortion before in my life…………………..” Desola was trying to say but Taofeeq leaped on her and slapped her to his brother’s amazement.

“Why did you slap her?” His brother marveled.

“She’s really annoying me, why did she raise the issue of abortion again after you’ve told us all to keep quiet.” Taofeeq replied.

“And is that enough reason to slap her? Now I know you are the problem of yourself and not mummy because mummy didn’t instruct you to do what you’ve just done. Haba Taofeeq!” His brother marveled but he walked into his room in anger while Desola wept profusely.

“Mummy can you see the monster you raised?” His brother asked with a shrug.


The naming ceremony of the Giwa babies was done when the kids were 21 days old and it was lit. Families, friends, colleagues and well wishers were all present to felicitate with them.

It was a grand occasion with lots of merry making and beautiful memories. The babies were named, Muhammad, Mustapha and Mahmud. And the third of the triplet’s name being the name of the father.

The well wishers came bearing gift for the babies and their mother. There was food in abundance and it was a buffet. Souvenir was also enough to go round the guests and everyone went home with smiles on their faces.

Days rolled into weeks, weeks into months and months into years and the little baby triplets were now ten, how time flies! Fawzaan was sixteen already and had gained admission into the university to study petroleum engineering. Fateemah was Fourteen and had just finished high school. Enitan had a baby girl, Mazeedah after the triplet who was just five and theirs was really a large and happy family. Mahmud did a great job raising the kids together with Fawzaan and Faatimah under one umbrella with so much love and fatherly affection.

One evening, the family relaxed at the balcony of their big house. Fawzaan was home because his school was on break. He was carrying his little sister Mazeedah on his leg when the little girl told him she wanted to show him something.

Mazeedah ran inside excitedly and then returned with a magazine. He gave the magazine to Fawzaan and pointed at a picture. It was the picture of Mahmud. He was featured in the magazine and little Mazeedah was amazed to see his dad on the pages of a magazine and he couldn’t wait to show it to his brother upon return. Fawzaan smiled and fondled with her cheeks.

“Yes that’s daddy. Daddy is on a magazine page because he’s a good and great man.” Fawzaan told his sister who exclaimed.

“Really? Daddy’s good and great?” Mazeedah exclaimed.

“Yes, daddy is a good man. Do you want to be like daddy?” Fawzaan asked her.

“I am not a man.” The little girl replied innocently while the family burst into laughter.

“It doesn’t matter. Goodness is not gender based. Do you want to be like daddy?” Fawzaan asked the little girl again but this time she shook her head.

“No I want to be like mummy. Mummy is a ‘girl’ and mummy is good too.” She replied childishly while the triplets took turn to reply Fawzaan’s question without being asked while their parents watched on with smiles.

“I want to be like daddy. Daddy is my role model.” Muhammad, the first of the triplet said passionately.

“I want to be like mummy. Mummy is a super woman. She’s a wonder woman. She can do many things.” Mustapha, the second of the triplet replied while smiling at his mother.

“I want to be like mummy too. Mummy is such a darling. She has a large heart that accommodates everyone.” Mahmud, the third of the triplet said with a grin while their dad cuts in.

“Only Muhammad wants to be like me?” Mahmud Giwa exclaimed with smiles and Fawzaan replied.

“I want to be like daddy. Daddy is my role model in everything. Daddy is such a good man with so much moral values. So much of me is made up from what I learnt from daddy. Daddy is an expetionally outstanding man. You taught me goodness by example and I’m really indebted to you.” Fawzaan said passionately.

“Awwwwww……That’s my boy and I’m proud of you always.” Mahmud said to Fawzaan with emotions while Enitan turned to Fateemah.

“Fatty, over to you. Daddy or mummy?” Enitan asked Fateemah who thought for a while before responding.

“I want to be like daddy. Daddy is selfless, compassionate and benevolent. His exemplary character is worth emulating. Daddy is my first love and I want to marry a man like daddy. Daddy thank you for always being there for us. Surely, a parent who raised you is as good or even better than the one who birth you. Thank you our hero. Thank you for showing us the path to goodness. I love you daddy. Thank you Justice Mahmud Giwa, May Allah elevate you in this life and the next.” The fourteen year old Fateemah who has the wisdom of an adult prayed for his step father who was by now emotional. Her mother looked affectionately at her before speaking.

“Wow!! Coming from a girl who fell in love with her father at first sight, I’m not surprised. Faatimah, you actually brought me and this lovely man together through your clinginess. MINE, you have three while I have three so no hard feeling.” Enitan expressed with smiles and Mahmud smiled too and spoke.

“Thank you my daughter Fateemah and I love you too. You actually brought your mum and I together like your mum rightly said. You’re my first daughter and a man that’ll come here and claim you will convince me beyond doubt that he’s an angel.” Mahmud said and the family laughed while Mahmud continued.

“I love all of you. And I appreciate you all. I thank Allah for gifting you all to me.” He said and then turned to his wife.

“Thank you MINE for coming into my world. You brought me kids and you also birth me kids. You put my foot on the journey of fatherhood and I adore you for being MINE. I love you so much till the end of time.”

“I love you too MINE. I love you more and I appreciate your goodness towards I and the kids. May Allah raise you high above your expectations.” Enitan prayed while Mahmud planted a lovely kiss on her forehead.

He wrapped her together with their six kids around his arms while Enitan smiled with emotions and couldn’t thank Allah enough. The melody of triumphant tingles in the air, the pain is gone and the storms are over. She recited her favorite line again. That line has always been on her lips since her path crossed with Mahmud Giwa. THIS IS HOME AND LOVE LIVES HERE.


[Trials will visit us, tears will accompany it but Allah promises ease after hardship ‘Surely with difficulty comes ease…….With difficuly comes ease’ Al-Inshirah verse 5-6]



Alhamdulillah Robil’Aalmin for the successful completion of this story. Do not edit my work, do not add or subtract either. Allah is watching you. Thanks for reading.



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