TRIALS, TEARS AND TRIUMPH (Triple T) Episode Fourteen



Episode Fourteen

Barrister Mahmud had just become a judge at a young age of 37. His career had been smooth with no hurdles but his life hasn’t. He graduated from law school at the young age of 21 and since then he’s been thriving in the legal profession.

Mahmud is the third of five children and the only male child. He was born with a silver spoon but was raised humbly by disciplinarian parents who ensured his life was in conformity with the rule of Allah and acceptable moral standard in the society

Being the only son, he took over the chamber of his father after graduation coupled with a federal government appointment. His dad too was a lawyer of repute and a senior advocate of Nigeria. After working for two years in his father’s chamber, he requested for a leave of absence from the federal government and travelled to the US to pursue a masters degree after which he returned to Nigeria.

While doing his masters in the US, he met Khayrah, and after completing his masters, he returned to Nigeria and resumed his work as a federal government employer while shuttling between government work and his dad’s chamber. After three months of his return to Nigeria, he announced his intention of getting married to his parents. His parents were surprised by his decisions as he was only twenty five at the time. They advised him to build a career first before dabbling into a life time contract which might easily distract him from being the best but he convinced them and won them over that marriage isn’t a hindrance to success.

Thus Mahmud got married at the age of 25 to his heartthrob, Khayrah. Mahmud proved his parents’ assertion that a young man can’t build a successful marriage wrong. He wowed them with his extra ordinary display of maturity, intelligence and patience. They were proud of him and his wife was the luckiest woman on the surface of the earth.

He is a good man indeed. Born good and also strived to achieve goodness. A perfect gentle man he is, and nobility is his epitome. He is a perfect description of prince charming and his wife couldn’t be more blessed.

His marriage to Khayrah produced no fruit after a year and that prompted the couple to go for a fertility test. Khayrah was certified okay but Mahmud had a problem. It was discovered that he had a low sperm count which had been debarring him from impregnating a woman. He was though active in bed but a child wasn’t forthcoming.

After this discovery, the couple sought medical solution and since money wasn’t a problem, they spent lavishly to get a remedy but the story was the same. Mahmud left the shore of Nigeria medical service and went abroad to receive treatment to no avail. They also sought for herbal and prophetic medicine solution but all was in futility.

After three years of being married to Mahmud, and with the full realization that the problem wasn’t from her, Khayrah left him to go marry another man. The pressure on her from her family was too much. They compelled her to live an impotent man as a child is very important in a marriage.

Mahmud’s parents’ knew about his predicament and as an only son, his parents’ were embittered about it. They all joined resources together for him to receive treatment but he wasn’t healed. His parents’ couldn’t beg Khayrah not to leave, especially when her family was pressurizing her. They put themselves in her shoes, if she were to be their daughter that is married to a sterile man, they wouldn’t advise her to stay against her wish.

After Khayrah left, Mahmud was really sad and cried to Allah. He cried bitterly again when news reached him that Khayrah had been delivered of a baby. He was happy for her but at the same time felt jealous as he thought that child could have been his.

He decided not to marry for a while until he’s healed but his father advised him to remarry as being single wouldn’t help his sanity. His dad however advised him to probably marry a widow or divorcee with a child so that the pressure to have a child wouldn’t be much from her end.

Months after Khayrah left, he met Hafsah, a widowed mother of one. He explained his situation to her and Hafsoh agreed to marry her. After three years of being married to him, Hafsah said she wishes to have more children and that having just a child wasn’t what she prayed for. All the while Mahmud was married to Hafsoh, he never stopped seeking for a remedy but it seemed his problem had no solution and he broke down each time reality dawned on him that he might not be able to have a child of his own.

Hafsah left him too despite begging her so hard to stay. The human in him betrayed him and he wept bitterly. His parents’ and siblings consoled him never to despair of Allah’s mercy. He decided not to marry again but could nature be cheated?

A Muslim that wouldn’t engage in Zina must get married, there’s no two way about it. Two years after Hafsoh left, he met Neemah, a divorced mother of two. He thought at least with two children, she might not yearn for another child but Neemah’s case turned out to be the worse.

After four months of her marriage to Neemah, Neemah got pregnant and the whole family was excited. Mahmud’s excitement knew no bound and he thanked Allah for rescuing him from shame and barrenness. He pampered Neemah so well till the pregnancy lasted. His parents’ pampered Neemah too till she got rotten with over pampering.

There was nothing Mahmud and his parents didn’t do to please Neemah. They showered her with love and affection as they saw her as a means through which their prayers was and would be answered. After nine months, Neemah was delivered of a baby boy and that was when the burble burst.

Neemah’s son came out looking exactly like her ex husband so much that a blind man could notice the striking semblance, and Mahmud’s parents had their doubt. They confronted Neemah who denied the allegations at first but after several warnings about the wrath of Allah which is real, she confessed. She told them it happened on a day she visited her ex husband to discuss about their children. A mistake occurred and he got her down. She begged that it wasn’t deliberate that they should forgive her and not send her out.

Another man’s child can never be accepted in our house, Mahmud’s parents refused obstinately. Mahmud was short of words and the shock was too much for him to bear. Neemah left and with that bitter experience, Mahmud decided enough was enough. The shame of being left on account of male infertility was a burden on his chest. He felt the painful blow and he decided to stay put. He was tired of disgracing himself and if he wasn’t careful, he would father another man’s child. He decided to hold on to the rope of prayers and that he’s been doing without a wife.

He chanelled all his time and strength to his job and he excelled. His elevation from a barrister to a Judge came with mixed feelings. He wasn’t really happy. Of what use is a beautiful career life without a family, he thought as he turned on his chair in his large office while staring at the name plate in front of him where ‘Justice Mahmud Giwa’ was boldly written.


The taxi that conveyed Enitan and Halimah hadn’t pulled over properly when Enitan flew the door open and ran into the hospital like a mad woman. Halimah paid for the fare and ran after Enitan. They both ran in and straight to the receptionist. Enitan was well known in the hospital because that was their family hospital where she also had her two kids.

She greeted the receptionist who smiled at her and was about to ask after her children when Enitan threw her a question.

“Please which ward is my son admitted into?” Enitan asked the receptionist anxiously who looked at her strangely.

“Your son? The confused receptionist queried.

“Yes my son, where is he admitted into?” Enitan asked impatiently with burning anxiety.

“Madam I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have been on duty since 8:00am and your son wasn’t brought here at all. Is he sick?” The receptionist asked worriedly.

“Yes he’s sick, are you sure my husband didn’t bring my son here?” Enitan asked sharply again.

“I know your husband very well and I haven’t seen him today.” The receptionist said and just then a nurse passed by and the receptionist beckoned on her to come.

“Please nurse Titi, you know this woman well right?” The receptionist asked the nurse.

“Of course I do, this is where her family receives treatment. Is anything the matter? The nurse asked.

“Have you seen her husband brought her son? Or is her son admitted into this hospital?” The receptionist asked.

“No, at all. We haven’t even admitted a child at all today.” The nurse replied.

“Please help me check all your wards?” Enitan said anxiously with hot tears cascading her cheeks.

“Madam your son wasn’t admitted here. Maybe you should check another hospital.” The receptionist advised after the nurse walked away and at this juncture, Enitan broke into a loud cry while Halimah consoled her.

“Please don’t cry. What other hospital do you have in mind?” Halimah asked.

“I don’t even know, my head is blank. This is the only hospital I’ve used since I got married. My son must not die. God please don’t allow my son to die.” She prayed amidst tears while her sister cried too.

“He’s not going to die by the power of Allah. Fawzaan will not die. Oh Allah please don’t take Fawzaan from us. Oh Allah don’t let me have blood on my hands. Enitan I am so sorry for putting you in trouble. Let’s call Taofeeq to ask for where he took Fawzaan.” Halimah suggested in tears.

“He’s not going to pick my call.” Enitan replied hopelessly.

“Let’s give it a try first.” Halimah encouraged and Enitan concurred.

She put a call through to Taofeeq severally but he didn’t pick. After sometime, his phone was totally switched off and Enitan cried the more and shivered at the same time.

“What do we do now? I want to see my son. Halimah, I want to see Fawzaan. I want to know how he’s fairing. I don’t want to lose Fawzaan. I’ll die if my son passes away.” Enitan lamented in hot tears while her sister hugged and consoled her with tears too.

Both sisters sat outside the hospital and cried like a bereaved. No one to console the other as they both wept with tears cascading their eyes down to their chest. After giving themselves a nice cry, Halimah suggested for them to check all the hospital in their vicinity which they did but Fawzaan wasn’t admitted in any.

“Where could he have taken the boy?” Halimah marveled.

“Halimah I don’t want to believe my son is dead o.” Enitan shouted in tears.

“He will not die by the mercy of Allah. Please let’s be optimistic and have faith that he’ll be fine.” Halimah tried to give her strength.

“I am hopeful and I have faith. If not I would have collapsed, my heart is ripping off Halimah, I want to see my son.” Enitan cried again.

“Let’s go back to the house if we’ll get to hear any piece of information about him. And you’ll also use that opportunity to check on Fateemah whom you dropped with your neighbor.” Halimah suggested and off they went to the house.

Enitan went to her neighbor first to carry her daughter but the neighbor told her that her mom in law had come for the child. She ran straight to the house with a heavy heart. They knocked the door severally and were about to leave with the belief that no one was at home when they heard mama’s voice. She answered from inside and then inquired about who was knocking. Enitan replied it was her and she could hear mama’s loud hiss.

Mama eventually came to open the door but she blocked the entrance while she asked what she wanted.

“Please ma, I just want to know where my son is being treated. I want to see how he’s doing.” Enitan pleaded with teary eyes.

“So that you can go finish what you and your family started right?” Mama said and Enitan heaved a sigh of relief, at least mama’s statement assured her that her son was still living. And she begged for the second time.

“Please ma, tell me where he is. Have mercy on me please.” Enitan pleaded again.

“I don’t know where your son is being treated o. I don’t know at all. You have a murderer with you and you want me to tell you where my grandchild is, your plot will not work.” Mama said with a straight face while Halimah responded.

“I’m so sorry for what happened ma. It was a mistake which I regretted terribly. I do not wish to hurt my nephew, I wouldn’t do such. Please tell us where he is so that Enitan can stop worrying. She’s been crying non stopped since morning. Please be merciful ma.” Halimah pleaded.

“I said I don’t know where the boy is. Please leave before Taofeeq gets back. He gave me the instruction that I shouldn’t allow anyone that looks like Enitan into his house.” Mama shouted

“I went to the neighbor now and she said you’ve come to take Fateemah, please allow me in to see my daughter.” Enitan pleaded again but mama guard the entrance with all her body before responding.

“Either Fawzaan or Fateemah, you’ll never see any of them again. You and your family almost killed Fawzaan and even now that I speak, he’s still in intensive care, you want me to give you Faatimah too so that you’ll harm her the way you harmed Fawzaan. No way!” Mama ruled and Enitan broke into tears while Halimah cried too.

“What happened was a mistake. How on earth will I harm the kids I bore with pains? Please help me beg Taofeeq, he shouldn’t do this to me.” Enitan begged and Halimah did too.

“Please be merciful ma. We ain’t murderers in our family. What happened was a mistake. Please allow us in to see Faatimah.” Halimah pleaded.”

“Let me advise you to take your leave before Taofeeq gets back. I won’t separate fight o. I won’t caution him either. I’m going to stand with arms akimbo while he beats you both like I don’t care. I have helped you enough. Help yourself by taking to your heels.” Mama said and with this she walked in and locked the door.

After Mama locked the door, Enitan threw herself on the floor and wept bitterly. She refused to admit that was the reality. It all appeared like a bad dream. Halimah consoled her but she wouldn’t stop crying. Enitan knocked severally on the door but mama didn’t open. After a while she started banging violently on the door while caring less if it broke down or not.

Halimah tried to stop her from the violent banging but she didn’t stop. She continued to bang amidst hot tears in lamentations and begging. She was still at it when Taofeeq emerged. Halimah was the first to see Taofeeq approaching with rage, she pulled Enitan’s cloth but the latter didn’t answer her. She whispered to her that Taofeeq was approaching but it was too late as Taofeeq charged fiercely at her and made an attempt to beat her but Halimah pushed him away with all her might.

“If you dare touch her I’ll break your head.” Halimah threatened with a roar but Taofeeq charged at Enitan again and this time Halimah shielded her.

“You can beat the two of us together if you can.” Halimah said while shielding Enitan.

“Taofeeq please allow me see my children. I don’t want you again either but let me have my children.” Enitan pleaded in tears.

“I have no words for both of you.” Taofeeq replied and made to enter the house but Enitan held unto him.

“Taofeeq please let me have my children. Please don’t be wicked. What happened was an accident. Don’t take my kids away from me.” Enitan pleaded while holding onto him.

“Did you bring children to my house when I married you? Leave me alone before I descend on you.” He said and struggled to free himself from her hold but she wasn’t letting go. After much struggle, he pushed her away and ran to the direction he came from.

Enitan wanted to run after him but Halimah held her.

“Take a grip on yourself sis. Don’t lose your sanity I beg of you. Let’s wait here for him. We won’t leave until we know how Fawzaan is fairing.” Halimah said and both sisters sat at the entrance of the house, waiting for Taofeeq to get back when mama didn’t open up.

They sat on the floor and by this time, Enitan’s tears had dried off. She had stopped banging on the door as well. She wanted to shed more tears but the tears betrayed her. She was weak and her head pounded from excessive weeping. She was just staring at the door like a zombie waiting for mama to open so that she could beg again.
Both sisters seated with head bent. They were lost with each of them with her own thought. They were so lost in thought so much that they were oblivion of their surroundings. It was Taofeeq’s voice that jolted them to the reality and when they looked up, they saw him pointing at their direction with two policemen beside him. They quickly jumped up and were faced with the policemen.

“Here are they!” Taofeeq pointed at them and one of the policemen moved nearer to them.

“Madams you’re under arrest!” The policeman said to them and before they could open their mouths to say anything, they were bundled into the police vehicle and off they were taken to the station.


On the way to the station, they tried to ask the policemen what offence they were arrested for but they were told to keep quiet with a threat.

They were driven to the station and were also dragged out of the vehicle into the station. A female corp emerged upon them and collected their bags, phones, clothes and they were threw behind the bars with only their undies.

That was really the peak of humiliation and their eyes wouldn’t stop shedding hot tears amidst lamentations.

Halimah came all the way from Edo state to visit her mum, then she thought of saying hi to Enitan when the terrible incidence occurred. Now she had been thrown behind bars with no phone at hand, how would she call her husband or anyone that could be of help? She cried as much as Enitan and she couldn’t comprehend the ordeals. It was really beyond her, and she broke down in hot tears severally.

Enitan was sobbing quietly but not saying anything. She thought she was experiencing a kind of nightmare because what happened to her could only be seen in movies and too difficult to be true. The trouble started since afternoon and they’ve both fed on their tears as lunch and dinner.

They were thrown behind bars at about fifteen minutes before 7:00pm. They wanted to observe maghrib but they’ve been stacked naked. They however said their prayers silently amidst tears.

They couldn’t sleep a wink as the discomfort was unbearable. The cell smelt foul and mosquito dealt terribly with them. Both sisters held hands as they fed with their own tears. They prayed to Allah never to humiliate nor disgrace them. They cried to Allah to touch the police hearts to release their clothes as the shame of being naked would be too much for them to bear.

Enitan lamented severally while Halimah consoled her.

“I won’t lay a curse on you Taofeeq because I have kids for your but Allah will surely judge you. What exactly have I done to deserve this humiliating treatment from you? Why is my life this bitter? Just when I thought my pain threshold is strong enough to endure your animaIistic treatment, this happened again, why? I want to die Halimah, I want to die, if dying will end this pain, I want to die………………………” She lamented amidst tears but Halimah consoled her.

“Please don’t talk like this Enitan. Everything happens for a reason. I’m sure what happened is a means to end your nightmare. Everything will turn out fine. Your life is not going to be like this for ever. You shall experience peace, joy and tranquility. Please never despair of the mercy of Allah even if your trial is long. Allah will surely reward your patience and you shall laugh in the end. I’m very sorry for contributing to your problem. Allah will surely make a way for us I strongly believe.” Halimah consoled while Enitan nodded her head with faith.

They bore the pains till day break and at about 5:15 in the morning, the female police that took their clothes the previous day, came over to their cell and gave the clothes to them. They quickly snatched it from her and put it on immediately. The policewoman stood still and watched them in pity as they hurriedly dressed up.

“I’m sorry I stripped you naked but that was the instruction given to me. I haven’t been asked to give your clothes back to you but as a woman I was ashamed especially when you both are adorned in Hijab. I am so sorry. And please be prepared, I think you’re going to court on Monday.” Policewoman informed them while they exchanged glances in awe.

“Please what exactly is our offence because we’re lost here?” Halimah asked when Enitan was lost for words.

“You’re arrested for an attempted murder of a little child. And I also heard a divorce is going to be issued though I am not sure of that. I wasn’t asked to inform you, this is just a favour from me to you.” The police woman replied nicely and both sisters heaved a troubled sigh before Halimah spoke.

“Thank you so much. We really appreciate your good heart but I want to ask for another favour please.” Halimah said soberly.

“No problem, if it’s within my capacity, I’ll gladly do it.” The female corp replied.

“Thank you…………..ehn the thing is………..our phones were also taken away from us. I need to inform my family about this. I have been unable to reach them since yesterday and I’m sure they’ll be so worried concerning my whereabout. Please help us.” Halimah pleaded and the woman released her phone to her in order to make a call.

Halimah put a call through to her husband immediately. The latter screamed from the other end as he’d been trying to reach her since the previous day. Halimah explained her predicament to him and he promised to fly in with his lawyer with the first available flight.

By ten in the morning, Halimah’s husband arrived with his lawyer and she narrated everything that happened to her husband better in the presence of the lawyer. She omitted the part where they were stripped naked as she was too ashamed to mention it. She couldn’t bring herself to tell her husband that the police stripped them naked. Of course his protective jealousy will be hurt and that might cause a chaos.

The lawyer assured them of no problem and they heaved a sigh of relief. The police refused to grant them bail that day which was Sunday no matter what the lawyer or Halimah’s husband said to them. It was a case of an attempted murder so bail wasn’t allowed until court’s judgment so they slept behind bars that day too but with fair treatment.

They appeared in court in the afternoon of the following day, and the plaintiff’s lawyer presented the case as an attempted murder while the defendant’s lawyer argued the case to be an accident with convincing proofs. The defendant’s lawyer was able to convince the judge beyond reasonable doubt that it was only an accident and when it occurred the two accusers weren’t even present or aware until later. Thereafter Halimah and Enitan were discharged and acquitted.

The issue of divorce didn’t spring up from the case that day but Enitan wasn’t ready to continue with the marriage, all she wanted was custody of her children which she knew would be a tug of war but she was ready to fight till the end.

After the court session, Taofeeq came over to where she was standing with Halimah and spoke angrily to her.

“If you know what is good for you, do not return to my house because I’ll be so mean…………..” He tried to say but Enitan interrupted him sharply.

“You’ve always been mean and as a matter of fact, you’re an animal. I don’t want you anymore either. So your house is the last on my mind. All I want is my children, and I’ll fight you with the last blood in my veins to have them.” Enitan replied while spitting on him.

He smiled wryly and dusted his clothes before replying.

“You’ll never have those children for life I promise you. You’ll hear from my lawyers.” He said and walked away while Enitan broke into tears.

“I want my children. I’ll die if I don’t have my children.” Enitan cried out loudly while Halimah consoled her.

“Don’t worry, Allah will surely aid us. Let us run to him in prayers and the children shall be ours.” Halimah consoled and her husband also chipped in to console Enitan.






  1. After every hardship there will surely be a relief.

    One of the most interesting story I have ever read. Jazakillah khayran sis

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