TRIALS, TEARS AND TRIUMPH (Triple T) Episode Sixteen



Episode Sixteen

The night of the victory, Halimah together with Enitan and her children returned to the Badmus’s house. Enitan was so excited so much that immediately she stepped foot into the house, she told her step mum that she’d forgiven all the wrong she did to her.

The woman was happy and prayed for her. She said sorry over and over again in tears and Enitan assured her of her total forgiveness. It was the happiest day of her life and so she was ready to forgive her worst enemy.

That night before they slept, step mother gave both Enitan and Halimah a shocking revelation. She told them about the properties their dad had that was unknown to them. She had deprived Enitan of a share in her late father’s properties, though the man didn’t leave a will but what he left behind could go round his children sufficiently. That night, Mrs Badmus wrote a check of some million naira for Enitan and the documents to one of the houses her dad left behind which left Enitan in awe. She was dumbfounded and couldn’t speak for minutes.

Halimah was in awe too because she wasn’t aware her dad left so much. Her mum had given her and her siblings peanut while she kept the remaining to herself. While she was still healthy, she gallivanted around the globe shopping from Dubai and Italy especially. She had also deprived her dad’s family and she was really obstinate about severing ties with them. Even what she had given Halimah and her siblings from their dad’s belongings was nothing compared to what she gave to Enitan in just a night. Halimah wasn’t jealous of Enitan because she had a good career too and a great husband, she was just surprised that her mum could hoard their dad’s property even from her own children.

Even when the woman was striken by a disease, it was her children that put resources together to care for her. She didn’t disclose their late father’s properties until now. Halimah heaved a sigh and her mum understood her sigh perfectly. She held her hands in hers and spoke to her.

“I’m sorry my daughter, I know I have given you and your sisters nothing from what your dad left compared to what I gave to Enitan but I have really wronged this innocent girl and I really want to right my wrong by compensating her hugely…….”

“No no no mum, I am not displeased that you gave Enitan what you gave her. I just sighed because I am surprised that dad left so much which you have hidden from us. In fact, I am happy that you have decided to right your wrong by giving Enitan what she deserved. Thank you mummy, may Allah heal you and forgive you.” Halimah prayed while her mum replied with Aamin and then turned to Enitan.

“Enitan, the house I gave you is situated in ikeja. It’s a three bedroom bungalow and the tenant that was there just vacated not too long and as I speak to you, the agent in charge of the house is yet to find another tenant. Here is my phone, check agent Kunle, call him and arrange an appointment with him. I have already discussed with him, he’ll hand over the house keys to you and the house is entirely yours.” Step mother said and Enitan was full of thanks.

Enitan thanked her step mum profoundly and couldn’t hide her happiness as she hugged the woman affectionately and prayed for her. It was a beautiful reunion, awesome reconciliation and a memorable day in Enitan’s life. The three discussed on some other issues after which they dispersed to go to bed.

On her bed, Enitan couldn’t sleep due to high excitement. She looked at her kids beside her and couldn’t stop thanking Allah. Then the joy of being welcomed back into her father’s house and the reconciliation with her step mum really gladdens her heart. The fact that she became a millionaire and a property owner in a night dazed her beyond words. Allah really completed His favours upon her as the problem of getting a house to stay was a minus. She called agent Kunle that night and the latter promised to bring the keys to the house for her the next day. She thanked Allah multiple times as she smiled continuously while tossing and turning on her bed till she was finally snatched away by sleep.

The following day, Halimah and her husband were returning to their base and the lawyer advised them to visit the judge before they leave to appreciate his compassion and extreme display of understanding. So the trio of Halimah, her husband and Enitan together with her children visited the judge to tender a heartfelt appreciation to him. They were about to enter the car when agent Kunle arrived, he handed over the keys to the Ikeja house to Enitan and Enitan was grateful to him.

Judge Mahmud Giwa received them warmly and then told them he only did his job without sentiments. He told them he didn’t favor them, he only pronounced the right judgement any sane judge would have. But they thanked him all the same for pronouncing the right judgement.

Enitan was carrying Fateemah on her laps and the girl was just fidgeting and giving her some signals which she didn’t understand. They were still discussing when little Faatimah suddenly got up from her mother’s laps and leaped unto the Judge. The Judge carried her and fondled with her cheeks, she rested her head on his chest and then slept off on his hand. After Faatimah slept, the Judge tried to give her to her mother but she clung tightly unto him and he had no choice but to continue carrying her.

Then it was time for them to leave but Faatimah didn’t allow the judge to put her down. Judge Mahmud had to go with them to the car while carrying the clinging Faatimah in order to give her to her mother. After Enitan entered the car, Mahmud wanted to give Faatimah to her but the little girl clung more tightly unto him. Everyone laughed and Mahmud spoke amidst laughter.

“This girl has really missed his dad.” Mahmud joked and Enitan quickly refuted.

“No I don’t think so, Faatimah is the clinging type. Once she likes you, she wouldn’t allow you go.” Enitan said.

“Wow!! Which means she likes me!” Mahmud said and everyone laughed again.

Enitan wanted to force the little girl out of Mahmud’s hands as Halimah and her husband were running late for their flight but the girl cried loudly. When the little girl wouldn’t stop crying, Halimah’s husband suggested that Enitan waited for some more time so that Faatimah could satisfy herself while himself and his wife proceeded to catch their flight.

After Halimah and her husband left, Mahmud returned to his office while carrying the clinging Faatimah and Enitan reluctantly followed him while holding Fawzaan. Mahmud put Faatimah on his shoulder while he used one hand to work on his system. He pulled his drawer and handed some chocolate to Fawzaan and Faatimah. Faatimah ate the chocolate messily and ended up soiling the judge’s white shirt with her messy hand.

Enitan spoke with her eyes to the girl to behave herself but she wasn’t getting her signal. What does a two year old know anyways! She said sorry to the judge a countless time but the Judge told her never to mind. Enitan also stretched her hand to carry the girl severally to which she refused. She was tired of the little girl’s trouble already and squeezed her face with displeasure.

Mahmud noticed Enitan wasn’t pleased and he smiled and spoke.

“Don’t worry madam, she’s not bothering me at all. As for my shirt, once I put my suit on it, the stain is well covered. I just don’t want her to cry or do you have an engagement you want attend to?” Mahmud asked.

“Not really, I just want to go check an apartment my step mum gave to me in Ikeja.” Enitan replied.

“Okay, I have a meeting by 1:30pm also at Ikeja and this is 12:00pm, I can just drop you off before proceeding to the meeting at least my friend would have bonded enough with me and wouldn’t cry any more by that time.” Mahmud offered.

At about 1:00pm, he cleared his desk and then called upon his driver. Mahmud carried Faatimah and sat at the back of the car with Enitan while Fawzaan demarcated them. The little Fateemah was still clinging unto Mahmud when Enitan reached her destination and announced to the driver to pull over. They got down and Enitan wanted to collect Faatimah from Mahmud but the girl cried again. Enitan was frustrated at this juncture and had to shout on the little girl.

“What is really your problem you this tiny girl.” Enitan shouted while Mahmud told her to calm down.

“Calm down please…………….Okay, I think I’ll have to follow you to your doorstep so that she won’t cry much.” Mahmud said and alighted from the car.

Enitan opened the gate and they behold a cute bungalow painted in yellow. The compound was a large one while the house was built at the extreme of the land. They took some steps from the gate to the building and Enitan made use of the keys on her hand to get the door open. She opened the door and a dusty atmosphere greeted her. A thorough cleaning obviously has to take place before they could live in the house, she thought as she tried to collect Faatimah from Mahmud. Faatimah cried again but this time, Enitan forcefully carried her not minding her tears. She made to enter but Mahmud’s voice halted her.

“This dusty apartment isn’t safe for these little children.” Mahmud expressed worriedly.

“Oh yes I know and we’re not moving in right away. I’ll get the cleaning done while we put up in my dad’s house for two days or thereabout.”

“That is better but at the same time, this house is too big and too quiet for just the three of you.” Mahmud said but Enitan didn’t reply.

There was a short silence before Mahmud broke the silence.

“If you don’t mind, I have twin relative who attends Oshodi comprehensive high school. They might just live here with you guys to keep you company.” Mahmud said while Enitan stared at him strangely.

Mahmud noticed her strange countenance and had to make himself clearer.

“My mum has plenty relative living with her. She’s actually a woman with a large heart so she takes children in from every angle. The twins in question happened to be among her numerous goddaughters and I might just ask her to give them to me.” Mahmud clarified but Enitan only hummed.

“There’s no problem if you don’t want. It’s just that going by my profession, I have seen a lot so I am not always comfortable with a woman living alone. Alright, I have to go now.” Mahmud said.

“Thank you so much sir, I’ll think about your offer.” Enitan said while Mahmud nodded and walked outside to join his driver.


For the next three days, Enitan stayed in her dad’s house while she got someone to clean her apartment. On a Friday, she went to inspect the apartment and she was satisfied with the cleaning done. The next day which was Saturday, she got two mattresses and then moved to the apartment. That same Saturday, she took a taxi to her ex husband’s house to pack her stuffs and that of the children. Taofeeq and Desola weren’t home, she met only Mama who rang it in her ears that she shouldn’t take anything that belongs to her son but only take hers. She shrugged mama’s pettiness away, packed her things and went away.

She settled in her new abode and prayed for Allah’s protection on her and her children. On Monday of the following week, she resumed work after about three months of being away due to her predicament.

After the assembly, she went to the principal’s office to thank her for her understanding over the months. The principal was very glad to see her back in the school in sound mind. The principal then informed her about some changes that had occurred during the period she was away. The former HOD of English language had been transferred to another school while a new person had been brought from another school to head that department.

Enitan thanked the principal for the information and then proceeded to see the new HOD in the staff room. She met a beautiful woman in probably her mid thirties and greeted her politely.

“I guess you must be Mrs Haneefah Badmus.” The new HOD asked.

“Yes ma.” Enitan replied.

“I am Mrs Khayrah Balogun. You’re welcome back. I was told you had health issues due to a divorce or something like that.” The woman said and Enitan could only hum and the woman continued.

“So how are you doing now?” The woman asked.

“I am very much better ma. The storms are over.” Enitan replied.

“That’s very good to hear. I am glad you’re better because I need agile and dutiful teachers in my department. I have zero tolerance for indiscipline and laziness. I hope you’ll co-operate with me.” The HOD said.

“Yes ma.” Enitan replied.

“Alright…………Go and join Mrs Godwin in taking SS1. There are 6 arms in SS1, Mrs Godwin is already taking three classes, you can take the remaining three. That’ll be all for now.” The HOD said dismissing Enitan.

She got materials and started writing lesson note in preparation for class. It was really a busy day and after the close of work, she took a taxi to go fetch her kids after which they all returned home.

For the next few weeks, her routine was go to work then come back to meet an empty house. She was beginning to get bored and needed company. In a bid to get more busy, she went for driving lessons and thereafter bought a car from the money her step mother released to her but that didn’t ease her boredom. She suddenly remembered the twin girls Judge Mahmud offered her but there was no way she could contact the judge because she doesn’t know his mobile number. Although she knew his office but the idea of visiting his office wasn’t palatable to her ears at all.

Then one day, she got back from work and soon as she pulled over in front of her house, a jeep also parked in front of her house. She moved nearer to the jeep and Judge Mahmud was who she saw. Faatimah jumped on him immediately and clung tightly unto him just like the first day.

“Wow! My friend has missed me so much. I actually came because I missed her too.” Mahmud said while Enitan could only smile.

He didn’t go into the house but they all stayed outside till Faatimah was ready to release him. He gave Enitan what he brought for the kids and she thanked him with smiles. He was about to leave when Enitan remembered the issue of the twin girls. She mentioned that she’ll like to consider the offer but would firstly like to know more about the person offering her relative to her.

“Who are they exactly to you?” Enitan asked.

“They are the children of my mother’s second cousin.” Mahmud replied.

“Such distance………….”

“Yes, but I can assure you that they are well behaved.” Mahmud replied.

“Why exactly are you offering them to me?” Enitan asked again.

“Well, I said it the other day, to keep you company so that you wouldn’t be lonely. And let’s just say I want Fateemah my friend to have big sisters in the house as well.” He said and Enitan laughed.

“No, that second reason isn’t good enough.” Enitan said with a wave of the hand.

“Sincerely, I wanted to assist a lonely divorcee. You know when you go through a divorce, loneliness would be a contributing factor to gloominess. It’s not healthy to be alone after a divorce.” Mahmud opined.

“Really? How do you know that? Have you been divorced before?” Enitan asked curiously.

“Yes, three times.” Mahmud replied and Enitan screamed.

“Subhanallah!! Three what?”

“Three times.” He completed and Enitan was dazed. She had to look at him from head to toe before speaking again.

“What happened? Are you that bad that three women couldn’t stay but leave?” Enitan marveled.

“It’s a long story.” Mahmud replied.

“Then tell me because if you don’t, I don’t think I can take your twin relatives in. I don’t know how bad a man can be for him to lose three women but I’m sure he must be very bad, worst than Taofeeq. I won’t be accepting anything from such man until I know his story.” Enitan said and Mahmud was a little offended and sad because Enitan jumped into hasty conclution.

“You know what? It’s not compulsory you accept my relatives. After all, I am just trying to help out. You can’t force a story I am not willing to tell from my mouth.” Mahmud replied, said goodbye and left.

Enitan hissed after he left and started soliloquizing.

“Good riddance to bad rubbish. Little wonder why three women left him. He’s such a scum. Scum, scum, scum everywhere, may Allah save we women from useless men. Why should I accept his relatives when he wouldn’t tell me about himself. Nonsense!” Enitan hissed, held her children and walked into her house.

After that day, Mahmud didn’t show up and Enitan doesn’t feel like seeing a scum as she had tagged him either. She endured her loneliness and found solace in her children. And whenever she was really bored, she visited her step mum and cared for her.

Some weeks after, on a Friday, the English department teachers were having a meeting in the principal’s office. The TV was on and a biography documentary was being showcased on TV. It was the biography of the youngest Judge at 37 in person of Judge Mahmud Giwa. The documentary featured his background, educational background, the beginning of his career as a lawyer and his achievement so far. The biography also featured his elevation to the position of a judge and his milestone so far since he became a young Judge at 37.

All the teachers in the principal’s office were impressed by Judge Mahmud’s biography and the principal couldn’t stop praising him.

“Such an excellent and an exceptionally brilliant young man!! The position of a judge is well deserving for him because he’s proved himself to be worthy of it. I have met him once and he’s such a humble young man despite his status. Our country is really blessed to have him.” The principal praised while Mrs Khayrah Balogun, the English HOD chips in.

“I can testify to his exceptional academic excellence and he’s such a good man too. A very good man with impeccable character!” Mrs Balogun stressed while Enitan watched on as the teachers took turn to praise the Judge.

After the meeting, the teachers returned to their staff room and Enitan couldn’t stop thinking about how Mahmud was praised earlier. She hissed severally while she talked to herself. She wondered how being successful at a career equated to being a good man. How could they describe a man as being good when he failed in three marriages? Taofeeq also has a successful career but he’s such a beast. Enitan hissed severally and continued to talk to herself. She was beginning to view everyman in the light of Taofeeq and it really annoys her when people equated being a good man with a successful career.

That same day during lunch break, Enitan went to submit her lesson note for the following week for marking to the HOD when she decided to ask questions from her about Judge Mahmud.

“Excuse me ma!” She started.

“Yes!” The HOD replied.

“Earlier today during the meeting with the principal, you were praising the young judge so passionately, do you know him ma?” Enitan asked eagerly and the HOD smiled before responding.

“Yes I do.” The woman replied and Enitan said okay and ready to leave when The HOD gave her a shocker.

“He is my ex husband.” The HOD revealed and Enitan’s face was lit with surprise.

“Really?” Enitan marveled and then sat on a chair in front of the HOD without being asked to sit.

“Yes.” The HOD replied once again.

“I’m sorry but why did you leave him when you claimed he’s a good man with impeccable character.” Enitan asked anxiously.

“I won’t tell you why I left him but I can beat my chest to the fact that he’s a good man. A very very good man.” The HOD stressed again and Enitan was speechless. When she found her voice, she asked another question.

“I heard he’s been divorced thrice, what can you say about that ma? Enitan asked again and this time, the HOD gave her a shut up.

“Are you an investigator? Are you on a mission to snoop him? What is your concern with his life? Why are you asking so many questions about him? What is your interest?” The HOD replied Enitan wittily while she got the shut up signal and got up to leave.

She left the HOD’s office with a long face and promised herself never to ask anything about the Judge again. It’s really none of her business if he’s a good man or man, she thought and hissed.

Four weeks after that Friday, a male staff of her school was giving his daughter out in marriage. All the staffs were invited and Enitan honored the invitation. She was sitting under a canopy with the rest of the staffs when she sighted Judge Mahmud and her heart skips. The judge passed by her with his entourage. Mahmud and his entourage proceeded to sit on a seat prepared for VVIP and Enitan brought down her gaze when her heart kept pounding.

After the ceremony, she didn’t wait for another second. Her kids were on her mind because she left them with her neighbor. She was taking her exit when she heard a voice behind her. She looked back and it was Mahmud.

“You didn’t bring my friend.” Mahmud asked with a smile.

“No I didn’t. I left her and her brother with a trustworthy neighbor of mine.” Enitan replied forcing a smile.

“Thank God you mentioned trustworthy, I was beginning to get worried for those poor kids.” He said and laughed while Enitan laughed too.

“So how have you been?” He asked her.

“I’m fine thank you.” She replied and made to leave but he spoke again.

“Those girls I told you about, do you still want them?” Mahmud asked.

“I never said I wanted them. I said if at all I’m going to consider them then I have to know your story. You’re a strange man and I can’t accept your relative into my house without knowing your story because you really know a man’s behavior from the way he treats his wife.” Enitan expressed.

“Well, it seems you can’t have the girls because I’m not going to tell you my story. I tell my stories only for the purpose of marriage or do you want to marry me?” He asked rather jokingly while Enitan walked briskly away at the mention of marriage.






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