Beauty Brain and Character BBC is a story that tells the importance and impact of the subject matter, with emphasis on character, in the development and transformation of an individual.

With its setting majorly in the academic environment, the story examined the school-cum-social life experiences of the notable Kings and Queens College students, while focussing on the SSS1A Science class which harbours the school’s fantastic four: Adam, Khadijah, Habeebah and Hamzah, who are the representatives of the school in competitions with many first prize awards to their names.

The trio of Khadijah, Habeebah and Hamzah started the school from JSS1 and had since been representing the school in competitions the instant they were discovered brains, with Khadijah maintaining the 1st position in class all through while Habeebah and Hamzah struggled with the 2nd and 3rd. Adam later joined the school and consequently the brain league in SSS1, and ultimately snatched the much enjoyed 1st position from Khadijah and stayed glued to it while shifting her and others to the next available positions. This was the source of Khadijah’s unending sorrow and hatred for Adam, a terrible hatred which would later metamorphose into an undying true love.

Khadijah despised Adam and wasn’t discreet with it, so much that the entire class and even her household knew Adam was her pain in the ass. She would charge at him at the slightest mistake, mock his Ibadan accent and hometown, and she ensured nothing came to him from her side in terms of goodwill.

With their incessant encounters became known the hidden affections from different quarters, as Adam would always hold back whenever Khadijah attacked, watched out for her instead, and Anat, the Vice Principal’s daughter who had eyes on Adam would come in his defense, while Habeebah and Raqeebah took turns in luring the gentle Hamzah to no avail.

We were therefore exposed to the contribution of the students’ background and upbringing to their decorum and impropriety. Khadijah’s wealthy background and overindulgence contributed to her pride and crankiness, Habeebah’s poor background and improper guidance made her mingle with boys despite her brilliance while Adam’s humble background contributed immensely to his decorum.

Class activities continued as usual with scintillating academic discourses especially with the hijabi English teacher, Mrs Olayiwola who would always use her classes as an enlightenment avenue to the students both academically and morally.

Meanwhile, the cat and mouse relationship between Khadijah and Adam continued until Adam won a competition for the school with a scholarship to study in Harvard. All but Khadijah congratulated him for this feat and while she was expressing her sorrow over Adam, her brother, Abdullah warned her not to act like a narcissist(the peak of egotism) and encouraged her to go congratulate him, which she was only able to do at the eleventh hour through thick and thin. And that was when she started liking and missing him.

With a change of heart and in Adam’s absence, she later finished as the overall best student with Hamzah and Habeebah being 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The next phase took place in Harvard where Adam and Khadijah crossed paths in the course of studies. They exchanged pleasantries but she became jealous and was taken aback when Adam mentioned about still being in contact with Anat. Khadijah’s friend, Aneesah who was at the scene developed an instant likeness for Adam, got close to him through academics in a bid to marry him but Adam wouldn’t seem to notice her advances.

Years passed with many activities and encounters and Aneesah decided to ask Adam out verbally since he wouldn’t notice her and he informed her he already had someone in mind. Adam later met Khadijah and propossd to her to her surprise while both were oblivious of Aneesah’s presence but the latter was matured enough to understand and let go as the friends settled amicably.

Thereafter, Adam left for Nigeria in preparation for the wedding and in the process we got to learn of the success stories of some old school friends.

The wedding was done but Khadijah was only able to settle down properly after the completion of her programme. With marriage became evident her flaws. She was terrible with chores and Adam who had been used to doing chores as a lad shouldered the responsibility.

All was well with the couple in spite of this imperfection until Lateefah, Adam’s kid sister visited for holiday. The burden of work was shifted to Lateefah. Lateefah and Khadijah once had a confrontation over the right to serve Adam but Adam salvaged the situation. However, while Lateefah was about leaving for Ibadan, she saw Adam washing Khadijah’s undies and on getting home, she informed her mother but the latter would seem unperturbed. She got a blinding slap from her mum in the process and this made her sort vengeance on Khadijah. She thus plotted with housewives who would later humiliate Khadijah at a naming ceremony of a family member while Adam was away before Adam’s mum salvaged the situation.

Embittered by her ordeal, Khadijah took out her anger on her hubby which later made her leave for her parent’s house.

Adam later had to go meet her in her parent’s house where he was met with the news of her four weeks pregnancy. They both resolved and went back home while showering each other with written odes. The rancour between Khadijah and Lateefah was also settled and after nine months, the couple were blessed with twin babies, a boy and a girl who grew to become their parent’s incarnate in beauty, brain and character.

In a nutshell, the story emphasizes the importance of character in the life of an individual as an indispensable quality. Regardless of whatever qualities one possesses, without good character, one invariably becomes a failure. Perhaps that was why the writer chose to title the story BBC rather than BBB(BEAUTY, BRAIN AND BEHAVIOUR), in order to butress the importance of CHARACTER among these qualities.
And the prophet was reported to have said: “I was raised to perfect the most honourable of characters”


Jazakallahu khairan to Mallam Abayomi Onileyan for the fantastic review. May Allah honor you plenty.


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