Like a spark of lightening, Ronke suddenly ran out of the house while a teenage boy ran after her with a machete in his hand. She tumbled severally as she ran while she looked back and upon realizing the teenage boy was about to catch up with her, she would quickly get up and ran speedily again. Her body sustained injuries from the fall but she dared not stop. The teenage boy ran after her fiercely with eyes spitting fire. He was ready to behead her. Ronke shouted for help as she ran and neighbors trooped out in large numbers but no one could near the teenage boy. They all feared being beheaded as the boy was desperate and daring. The neighbors were helpless, Ronke ran non stop while the teenage boy ran after her with a violent speed.

While she was running with all her might, oblivion of a big stone in front of her, Ronke tumbled on the stone and fell. She groaned in pains as tears of anguish cascaded her cheeks. She looked back in tears and realized the boy was about to catch up with her. She made an attempt to get up and run for her life but she couldn’t as her right leg with which she hit the stone was bleeding torrentially. The teenage boy eventually caught up with her. He raised the machete and chopped off her right ear. She screamed and cried out in pains as blood gushed out from her ear. The teenage boy didn’t blink an eye, he raised the machete to chop off her left ear too but the neighbors were quick to salvage the situation. Some neighbors stealthily walked behind him and held him down while some of them quickly appeared in front of him and after much struggle, they were able to collect the machete from him. He struggled with them while shouting at the top of his voice.

“Leave me alone, allow me kill this shameless woman.” The boy shouted as he struggled to possess back the machete.

“Why would you kill your own mother, are you mad?” One of the neighbors shouted at him.

“Tell her to tell me who my father is or else I’ll kill her.” The boy shouted back at the neighbor who was now speechless.

Ronke stood at the spot in a pool of her own blood. She’d lost lots of blood and was loosing consciousness. The neighbors exchanged glances after the boy’s outpour of rage and one of them spoke.

“My son, you’re just being childish. Is it after you killed your mother she’ll tell you who your father is?” Another neighbor cuts in.

“She’s better dead than alive. If she doesn’t tell me who my father is, I’ll kill her and damn the consequence.” The boy shouted.

“As you can see, your mother is in lots of pains because of your irrational behavior. When she gets better she’ll definitely tell you who your father is.” One of the neighbors said again but the boy snapped at him.

“No, I want her to tell me now!!!! Today isn’t the first time I’ll be asking her about my father but she always dodges my questions. Did I fall from heaven? My friends calls me a bastard whenever we have a misunderstanding. The neighbors gossips that I am a bastard. I’m always a laughing stock among my friends. Everyone has a father except me and whenever I ask her, she’ll tell me to go and sleep. Yesterday, one of my mother’s friend came to our house, she fondled with my cheeks and said to me; ‘‘Valentine product, how are you.” I was confused and embarrassed. Since yesterday I have been asking my mother what her friend meant by calling me a valentine product but she wouldn’t tell me. Instead, she asked me to shut up and go to bed as usual. I am no longer a child, I am fourteen already and I deserve to know who my father is. Noooooooooo, I can no longer bear the humiliation from friends and neighbors, including my mother’s friends. Tell her to tell me what her friend meant by valentine product and she should equally tell me who my father is or else I’ll kill her.” The teenage boy expressed angrily at this juncture, his mother, who had already lost lots of blood slumped to the floor and fainted.

The neighbors screamed and ran helter skelter in confusion. Some fled the scene in fear while some good ones quickly rushed Ronke to a nearby hospital.

The hospital commenced treatment after one of the neighbors made a deposit. Her ear was stitched and she also had a blood transfusion. She regained consciousness the following morning and after she opened her eyes, the first person she saw was Boluwatife, her son standing angrily beside her bed and looking at her with disdain. Ronke shouted with fear upon sighting Bolu. Bolu shook his head and hissed loudly.

“I do not pity you one bit. I am here to finish what I started.” Bolu said and showed her a bottle of snipper he was holding.

Ronke screamed again and begged him not to kill her.

“The only thing that’ll stop me from killing you is to tell me who my father is, otherwise, I’ll forcefully have this snippers gulped down your throat.” Bolu said with a threat while Ronke trembles with fear.

Bolu charged fiercely at her, opened the snipper while the bad stench filled the air. He put the bottle in her mouth and shouted at her.

“Won’t you start talking now before I pour this into your mouth?”

“I’ll talk. Please don’t kill me.” Ronke begged as she trembles in fear.

She started narrating her story to her son in tears while he listened impatiently with a scornful expression.

“Fourteen years ago, I was full of life and vigour. I wanted to enjoy life to the maximum. I wanted to test limit and be free. I wanted to exercise my freedom of association and explore life to the fullest. I also had like minds as friends and we enjoyed life together. Every February 14, we always had a special outing and despite the fact that I had strict parents, I do sneak out in the night to enjoy valentine with my friends. After all, it was February 14, lovers day. A special day that is set aside to celebrate love. A special arrangement would have been made by one of my friends who had a strong connection with men and we always had men in abundance. If valentine is a lovers’ day then sex should not be exempted on this day and my friends and I always enjoyed ourselves like never before. “ She explained in tears and paused. Bolu shouted for her to continue while she continued in tears.

“It was always one man for each of us or twosome. I had a boyfriend then and I had always enjoyed valentine with my boyfriend since 13 years of age but my friends convinced me that it was always good to taste a different meal on valentine’s day and I started going out to valentine party with them since I was 15 years. We had unprotected sex but postinor 2 tablet was always in handy to rescue us from shameful pregnancy. The men would in return shower us with abundant of gifts, both cash and material. We lived large in school and we could afford anything money could buy.” She coughed at this juncture but Bolu put the bottle of snipper in her mouth.

“You need water right? Maybe you should drink this snipper.” Bolu said with contempt.

“No don’t let me drink snipper. I’m fine. I’ll continue now.”

“Continue now before I lose my patience.” Bolu shouted while Ronke nodded her head in fear and continued.

“Then came the valentine of fourteen years ago. We were in SS2 then preparing for the terminal class. My friend who always arranged men for us on valentine’s day had some outstanding arrangement that year. The guys just returned from the United States of America and they had some cool dollars to offer. We were lodged in a 5 star hotel and we had the best of meals, ones we’ve never tasted before. Each of the guys was ready to have a thirst of all the five of us. Each of them offered us 50 USD then and our eyes sparkled with greed. The guys who were seven in number had a thirst of all of us and I ended up sleeping with seven men in one day.” Ronke revealed while Bolu shouted.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!” Bolu shouted and burst into tears. Ronke cried too and it took a while before she could continue her story.

“Postinor 2 tablet could not save me this time around. Nothing could save me from aborting your pregnancy. I cried bitterly and my friends suggested all kinds of drugs but none seemed to work. You were bent on coming to this world. For the first time since my sexual escapades with men I regretted my action. I cried bitterly for being unfortunate. My friends were not pregnant but I was the only one so unlucky. There was no way I could trace the guys because they returned to the US after valentine. Even if they didn’t return, there was no way I could have traced them still because we didn’t know their background. My friend who arranged them for us met them online. I do not even know which of them was responsible for my pregnancy. I’m so sorry my son. My parents sent me out of the house and my grandmother had pity on me and took me in. I had you nine months later and named you BOLUWATIFE that is, ‘It is God’s will.” Ronke explained and looked up to her son who was crying like a child. Bolu shouted for her to continue again and she continued with a sniff.

“I have been living in regret ever since especially as I had to watch you grow from a baby to a teenager whose unending questions about his paternity pierced my heart like a dagger. My friend who called you valentine product yesterday was the one who always arranged men for us. It’s funny how she escaped from shame and I have been trapped in shame till eternity. I have been a single mother since then and even luck has not shined upon me as I’ve been unable to get a husband.” Ronke explaned while Bolu smirked before speaking.

“How will you be able to get a husband? Men are no fools you know!” Bolu expressed with a smirk.

“I’m so sorry my son. I don’t know who your father is please forgive me. I have lived a shameless life and I am so sorry to bringing you forth into this world fatherless. Please forgive me………………………………..” Ronke begged but Bolu gnashed his teeth and snapped at her.

“I can never forgive youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.” He shouted while putting the ward in disarray. He gnashed his teeth again and shouted on top of his voice with his eyes spitting fire. “ Yeeeeeeeeeeee…………….yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………..yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………….. I can never forgive you. “You’ve ruined my life even before I was born. You said you named me Boluwatife right? And it means the will of God, right? God does not will nonsense, after living a shameful life, you now named the product of your shame, God’s will…….how is that God’s will? It is not God’s will for me to be fatherless. It is not God’s will for me to be a bastard. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! I’ll kill you today.” He said and tried to strangle her.

The medical team came to time and whisked him away. He was stubborn and held tightly to the door while shouting at the top of his voice.

“Leave me and allow me kill her.” He shouted but three men eventually bundled him out of the ward.

“Please tell the security men never to open the gate for that criminal again.” One of the doctors instructed.

Ronke cried bitterly and was inconsolable. A lot of thoughts crossed her mind. She might have escaped for that day but what becomes of her after she’d been discharged from the hospital. Bolu would surely come for her again and might eventually kill her. The consequence of her mistake was too enormous for her to bear. How would she appease Bolu? How would she make him realize she was sorry for causing him so much agony?

She was the reason why his mates in school called him a bastard. She was the reason why the neighbors called him a bastard. She was the reason why the boy had suffered so much untold hardship and also become a laughing stock in the school and neighborhood. She was the reason why the boy had turned out to be a hardened rebel.

She would definitely live with this nightmare for the rest of her life. She cried uncontrollably as she thought of the life of troubles she’d lived since the birth of Bolu and the one she would still live after she’d been discharged from the hospital. She’d already become a one ear woman courtesy of her past. The tears of yesteryears cascaded her cheeks and she could feel the salty thirst on her tongue. Valentine deception had indeed caused her so much pains and agony.


If you don’t want your child to do this to you in the future, you better desist from valentine rubbish. Valentive is a deception. Valentive is a scam. Valentine is a sham. Single motherhood is not when you open your leg shamelessly for every Tom, Dick and Harry and got a disgraceful pregnancy in the process.
Single motherhood are the mothers who became a single mother by being widowed, divorced, victims of rape or other circumstances beyond their power. But all others with no dignity opening their legs for material gifts and money calling themselves single mothers, you ain’t single mothers but baby mamas. Please stop celebrating indecency, stop the reckless show of shame. You ain’t single mothers but single prostitutes and won’t you stop before the bastard you bore start asking for his father?
Zina is Zina and it doesn’t change simply because some people set aside a day to celebrate the day a man of Zina whose name was St.Valentine died. Don’t be deceived. A Muslim does not partake in valentine. It has no basis in Islam. Islam enjoins us to show love every day and not set a day aside for showing love.
May Allah save us from misguidance.

“And do not move near fornication; Surely it is an indecency and an evil way.” Al-Isra verse 32

…………………………..”The most evil matters are those that are newly invented, for every newly invented matter is an innovation. Every innovation is misguidance and every misguidance is in the Hellfire.” Hadith.

Share as widely as possible.

FEBRUARY 14, 2020


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